What's This?

Check out this mystery photo! It's brought to you by Science Explorations, a partnership between the American Museum of Natural History and Scholastic.

microscopic view leech

You're looking at a body part of a leech.

Can you guess what it is?




back sucker





Nope. Try again!
You got it!

ANSWER: jaws

Explore the photo gallery below to find out more about these blood-sucking invertebrates.

Image Credits:

jaw, Eye of Science / Photo Researchers, Inc.; bite mark, Geoff Tompkinson / Photo Researchers, Inc.; leech feeding on snail, Edward Hendrycks, reproduce courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Nature; leeches before and after blood meal, leeches on foot, American Medicinal Leech, Malagobdella vagans, Mark Siddall in swamp, courtesy of Mark Siddall.