What's This?
Life at the Limits

Life can be found even in the harshest, most extreme environments on Earth. Discover some of the remarkable ways that species have evolved to survive.

circular opening on brownish wrinkly surface

Check out this mystery photo.

Can you guess what it is?


the nose of a beetle


the mouth of a tiny invertebrate


the eye of a newt


the trunk of a baby elephant

Nope. Try again!
You got it!

ANSWER: the mouth of a tiny invertebrate

Explore the photo gallery below to find out how this invertebrate and other organisms live life at the limits.

Image Credits:

tardigrade, © Eye of Science/Science Source; wood frog, © D.Mammoser/Zoonar/AGE Fotostock; fennec fox, photo by Drew Avery (CC BY 2.0 license); Galápagos marine iguana, photo by Andew Skujins (CC BY-SA 3.0 license); mangrove trees, photo by Brisbane City Council (CC BY 2.0 license); mangrove leaf, courtesy of Peripitus (public domain); giant tube worms, © WHOI.