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Take the tour below to see how a Seminars on Science course is organized, and where to look for your assignments, discussions, and announcements from your instructors.

Course Home

Seminars on Science course home page

This is the first page you will see when you enter the course. Important announcements from your faculty appear in the Latest News box. Make sure you read all announcements for details about what is expected each week. You can learn more about your faculty by clicking on their profiles.

The Course Documents section has all of your important course documents, including a syllabus, due dates, and a checklist of all readings and assignments for the course. 

Use the Calendar to help you track course deadlines, and use the Activities section on the right to quickly access assignments, discussion forums, and course resources.

Weekly Content

Seminars on Science weekly landing page

Seminars on Science courses are organized by week. Each course has six weeks, with a seventh week available for the completion of assignments. You can access weekly home pages by clicking on a weekly date range on the home page, or by selecting a week from the dropdown menu that appears at the bottom of every course page.


Seminars on Science Climate Change discussion forum

Each weekly unit has a Discussion area, which is where crucial class interaction takes place. Every week, you'll be asked to respond to one or two questions, each with its own discussion area. Instructors and scientists will also be posting thoughts and responses.

This is where you can reflect on what you're learning, share ideas, and ask questions about the material. It's also a forum where you're encouraged to respond to messages from other students, the instructors, and the scientists. Discussion forums appear at the top of weekly home pages.

Final Project

final project discussion forum

You'll be asked to prepare a final project that best suits your practice or interests. The complete details and guidelines for project development are available on the week three home page.

You'll use the Final Project Discussion to share your ideas and questions about your final project, and to provide feedback to other students in your class.

Ready to get started?

location of the User Login button on the Seminars on Science page, in the upper right corner

When you are ready to start your course, click here to login. (Remember your course will not be available until day one. Check the session calendar for the start date.) The "Course Login" button is also located at the top right corner of the Seminars on Science website.