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Welcome to Seminars on Science!

We are excited to have you join us for an engaging and dynamic course experience. Please review this guide so that you will be fully prepared to begin your course:

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Strategies for Success


Before starting your Seminars on Science course, make sure that you complete the following:

1. Check that you have your login information (user ID and password).

login page for AMNH Moodle online courses

Your user ID and password are emailed to you as part of your registration confirmation. Make sure you keep this email handy for future reference! If you are a returning user, be aware that your user ID and password may have changed. Make sure to check the confirmation email for your most current course.

Need help logging into your course? Click here for login help. You can also contact us with technical support questions:

    Seminars on Science (available weekdays 9am-4pm)
    Phone: +1 (800) 649-6715
    Email: [email protected]

2. Know when your course begins.

Check the session calendar for the start date of your course.

3. Review and print a copy of your syllabus.

course documents: syllabus

Your course syllabus can be found in the Course Documents section on the right side of the course. Print out a copy to use as a helpful guide throughout your course.

4. Order your textbook.

Each Seminars on Science course has at least one required textbook and may have recommended textbooks as well. Textbooks are listed on your syllabus, and on each course page.

We encourage you to get your books as soon as possible after you enroll. You can purchase them from any online source. When searching for your book, it is sometimes helpful to search by ISBN number (included in the syllabus). Also, make sure you are purchasing the correct edition of your textbook!

5. Know how to receive graduate credit.

In order to receive graduate credit for your Seminars on Science course, you must sign up with one of our college/university partners. To get graduate credit, you must either:

  1. register for a course as a matriculated student at one of our partner schools OR
  2. sign up for graduate credit as a non-matriculated student with one of our partner schools

Partners, pricing, and instructions on how to register can be found in the Graduate Credit section. Please note: most schools require that you register for credit before your course begins, or while it is in session.

Make sure you take note of any special requirements for graduate credit. In some cases, AMNH will send your grade to the partner institution. In other cases, you will be required to send your course assessment along with other documents to the institution in order to get your grade.

To receive a transcript from your graduate credit provider at the end of your course, you must contact them directly and request a transcript.

6. Explore the Course Navigation.

See how a Seminars on Science course is laid out, and where to look for your assignments, discussions, and announcements from your instructors.

7. Know how to get help.

Technical Help:

need help section of course home page

If you are unable to access your course, you can contact us by phone or email. Please make sure your computer's software and plugins are up-to-date before you call.

    Seminars on Science (available weekdays 9am-4pm)
    Phone: +1 (800) 649-6715
    Email: [email protected]

Administrative and Logistical Help:

help forum

The Help Forum in your course is a good place for you and your classmates to post questions about course logistics or administrative questions. It's located on the course home page.

The Seminars on Science team is also available to answer questions about schedules, graduate credit, terms of use, administrative issues, or other logistics.

    Seminars on Science (available weekdays 9am-4pm)
    Phone: +1 (800) 649-6715
    Email: [email protected]

Academic Help:

course faculty and scientist photos, profiles, and contact info

Email your course instructor and they will respond promptly to any messages posted in the course or via email. Contact your instructor from the Course Home page, or reply directly to an email you received from the instructional team.

8. Ready to get started?

the link to login to the course site, located at the top-right of this page

When you are ready to start your course, click here to login. (Remember that your course will not be available until the day it begins. Check the session calendar for the start date.) The "Course Login" button is also located at the top right corner of the Seminars on Science website.