RACE to the South Pole

Ross MacPhee smiling in Antartica

Hi, I'm Ross MacPhee.  As a paleontologist, I search for fossils in Antarctica. I've always been inspired by the heroic tales of early explorers to this icy continent.

One of my favorite stories happened about 100 years ago, when two teams of men raced across Antarctica to become the first to reach the South Pole. 

The British Team was led by  Captain Robert Falcon Scott  and some of his crew:  Henry "Birdie" Bowers  and  Apsley Cherry-Garard.  Team Norway was lead by  Captain Roald Amundsen  and some of his crew:  Olav Bjaaland  and  Oscar Wisting.

black and white portrait of Captain Scott with British Flag
black and white portrait of Captain Amundsen with Norwegian flag

Who will be the first to reach the South Pole?

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