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Photos: Introductory Page: Ross MacPhee, courtesy of Ross MacPhee; Amundsen's team with dogsleds, @copy; The Fram Museum / JFO. THE RACE BEGINS: The Last Great Prize: maps and flags, @copy; AMNH. The British Team: Robert Falcon Scott, Terra Nova, the crew, ponies, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute; telegram, @copy; Shutterstock. The Norwegian Team: Roald Amundsen, @copy; AGE Fotostock; Fram, courtesy of NOAA; crew, @copy; The Fram Museum / JFO; dogs on Fram, @copy; The Fram Museum / JFO. Land: Terra Nova, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute; Antarctica scenery and animals, @copy; United States Antarctic Program. WINTER HOME: Setting Up Camp: Antarctica map, @copy; AMNH; Scott's base camp, courtesy of the Library of Congress; Amundsen's base camp, courtesy of Project Gutenberg; penguins and midnight Sun, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute. British Base Camp: Scott's camp and Scott in study, courtesy of the Library of Congress; bunks, kitchen, and piano, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute. Norwegian Base Camp: Franheim, entrance to hut, dog tents, foundations, and tents, courtesy of Project Gutenberg; Amundsen, @copy; AMNH. Preparing for the Pole: Olav Bjaaland planing sleds, @copy; The Fram Museum / JFO; British team sewing sleeping bags, preparing pemmican, and setting up depots, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute. The Menu: pancakes, @copy; The Fram Museum / JFO; kitchen and dinner, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute. Antarctic Discoveries: Scott, courtesy of the Library of Congress; weather balloon, courtesy of NOAA; Dr. Atkinson, Dr. Debenham, Evans with telescope, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute. Quest for Penguin Eggs: penguins drawing and safe return, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute; emperor penguin, @copy; US Antarctic Program; temperature reading, courtesy of NOAA; aurora australis, @copy; NSF. TO THE POLE! Cold-Weather Gear: Amundsen, @copy; AMNH; Scott, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Men vs. Dogs: dog sleds, The Fram Museum / JFO; ponies, motorized sleds, and man-hauling, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute. Who Won? Norwegians at the Pole, planting the flag, letter to king, Fram, @copy; The Fram Museum / JFO. Beaten to the Pole: Scott's team looking at flag, courtesy of the Library of Congress; Scott's team, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Long Journey Home: blizzard, man-hauling, and grave, @copy; Scott Polar Research Institute; Scott's journal, courtesy of the British Museum; empty tent, @copy; AMNH. LEGACY: Continent of Science: Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, @copy; Dwight Bohnet / NSF; vessel, helicopter, McMurdo Station, and tent, @copy; US Antarctic Program. A Natural Laboratory: fossils, night sky, ice core, balloon, and petrel, @copy; US Antarctic Program. Antarctic Animals: seal, orca, penguins, and jellyfish, @copy; US Antarctic Program; krill, @copy; AGE FotoStock.