Carol Pierich

photo of Carol Pierich

Prior to teaching science, Carol Pierich conducted medical research at Penn State University. She felt science education was an important calling, which has led her to more than 30 years in the middle school classroom. She also enjoys teaching online courses for AMNH.

Carol earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Shippensburg University, a Master's degree in Secondary Education from Penn State University, and a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University. Other post-graduate experiences include researching the geology and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay region, Grand Manan Island, and Washington State. On one occasion she helped record observations of Humpback whale and Right whale behavior while living aboard a schooner. She also had a dynamic learning opportunity with the REVEL project at the University of Washington. The REVEL program provides teachers with experience doing expedition field research. Working side-by-side scientists conducting research along the Juan de Fuca Ridge, she assisted in collecting organisms living in and on the hydrothermal vents, sampling water and gas components of the vent system, mapping the sea floor, and collecting seismic data.

Continually trying to urge students to think about science connections with everyday life, Carol and other colleagues initiated an environmental camp as part of the seventh grade curriculum in her school district. All seventh grade students experience nature as an integral part of their learning about geography, English, math, science, physical education, art and music.

Carol enjoys spending her free time with her family, hiking, traveling, sailing and walking her dogs.