Gina Tesoriero

photo of Gina Tesoriero

Gina Tesoriero was a special education teacher for the New York City Department of Education for ten years. Leveraging her experience teaching English, math, social studies and science, Gina worked with colleagues to design STEM curriculum for grades 6-8. During this time, Gina worked with the Urban Advantage program as a lead teacher who worked with informal educators to design professional learning opportunities for science teachers. Gina extended this learning to leading STEM professional development to support the creation of flexible learning environments.

Currently, Gina is in the Learning Sciences and Human Development Ph.D. program at the University of Washington. In addition to being a student, Gina also works as a research assistant on the ACESSE project (Advancing Coherent and Equitable Systems of Science Education) which focuses on the collaborative design of professional learning resources focused on equitable formative assessment. Gina has made efforts to combine both her past and present worlds by beginning research around professional learning for staff working at a robotics camp with campers with disabilities.

On a personal level, one of Gina's goals is to travel to 40 countries by the time she turns 40. She also wants to learn a new dance style every year. This year she is learning West Coast swing since she lives in Seattle at the moment.