Joanne Kornoelje

Joanne Kornoelje in a kayak

Joanne Kornoelje is a recently retired 6th grade science teacher in the New Jersey suburbs. She taught middle school science after 20 years of implementing systems and cultural change in the corporate world. Each arena had its own challenges, but teaching also had its rewards - when kids’ eyes lit up, hands went up, and “Ms. K!” was called out. Those are the moments when it was all worthwhile.

Joanne is enthused by science and the wonders we can observe all around us on our planet. The only requirement is that we just pay attention! Her own formal education includes a BA in Theater and English from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and more recently, an MA in Environmental Education from Montclair State University. Her practical experience with science and teaching is at the middle school level. One of the several challenges in teaching 11-12 years olds is to translate the material to their level, with activities to create understanding and keep students engaged. This naturally required understanding the material, as well as understanding what would work in the classroom. Things don’t always go as planned, but can be rearranged and retaught – in the end bringing success.

Although retired from formal education Joanne continues to be interested in science and educating people of all ages. During her teaching tenure she participated in several Seminars on Science courses as a student, and found the courses interesting and worthwhile. She’s happy to return to SoS as an instructor, and excited to help facilitate more learning.