Steven Jaret

photo of Steven Jaret standing on a pier

Dr. Steven J. Jaret is a planetary geologist at the American Museum of Natural History. He currently works as a researcher in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and is a faculty member in the Museum’s Master of Arts in Teaching Earth Science program. He received a Ph.D. in geoscience from Stony Brook University in 2017 after completing a Master’s from Harvard University in 2010 and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville in 2009.

Steven’s research interests are in two areas. The first area is understanding meteorite impacts on the Earth and how impact craters have shaped the surfaces of rocky planets in the solar system. The second area is geochronology, which is the timing of geologic events in Earth’s past. He is particularly interested in the origins and processes of East-coast, Appalachian geology, including the local geology of New York City.

One of Steven’s favorite parts of being a geologist is the tangible aspect of field work. Geology is an outdoor science where we can use our own real observations to study all aspects of our planet and connect them to more distant areas here or elsewhere in the Solar System.