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    The Memorial

    The two-story memorial is a tribute to TR's enduring conservation legacy.

  • Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda

    A Grand Entrance

    Historic murals in this imposing hall depict milestones in TR's public life.

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    Monumental Murals

    Expertly conserved historic murals cover an area of more than 5,200 feet.

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  • TR Memorial Hall Medallion Hero

    Bronze Medallion

    The Hall's medallion depicts American bison with a classic TR quote.

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    New Exhibits

    The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall features never-before-displayed artifacts.

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Exhibition Highlights

Theodore Roosevelt Yosemite Seated


About the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

On October 27, 2012, the Museum reopens the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, launching a year-long celebration of Roosevelt’s love of nature and his instrumental role in the American conservation movement, both inspired by his lifelong association with the Museum. 

Central Park West facade_Restored_Dynamic Lead


Central Park West Facade

The Museum's iconic Central Park West entrance includes a triumphal arch above a 350-foot-long paved terrace, which have been restored and are now elegantly illuminated for the first time in decades. 

Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda

Permanent Exhibition

Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda

Known to most visitors as the Museum's grand entrance, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda is an interior New York City landmark. Quotations from Theodore Roosevelt’s writings are displayed on four walls, as are three monumental canvases—some of the largest indoor murals in New York City—depicting milestones in Theodore Roosevelt’s public life. 

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall_Listing_Sculpture

Permanent Exhibition

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall

At the center of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall, a new bronze sculpture of Theodore Roosevelt, depicted as he looked during a famous 1903 camping trip to Yosemite with naturalist John Muir, invites visitors to sit next to TR and contemplate his pioneering role in conservation and the vital importance of protecting nature today.

Bison Medallion

Programs and Events

Related Programs

To mark the start of the yearlong celebration of Theodore Roosevelt's foundational role in the American conservation movement, the Museum announces a slate of special programs to inspire the naturalist in all of us.

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

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