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Summer Programs for Teachers

Educator Professional Development

Summer Programs for Teachers

These two- and three-day sessions will provide teachers with NGSS-aligned resources and teaching strategies to improve their work with students. 

Hack the Universe

Programs and Events

BridgeUp: STEM

AMNH’s newest education program, BridgeUp: STEM is focused on the intersection of computer science and science.

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Educator Professional Development

Educators' Evenings

Exhibition openings with curator introductions and relevant resources.

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Blended Course, Educator Professional Development

Blended Courses and Workshops - Online and Onsite

In each of these courses, teachers will spend time reading, reflecting and interacting in an online environment, but will also spend some time at AMNH doing hands-on work.


Educator Professional Development

Urban Advantage

Program designed to support NYC middle school student investigations.



Curriculum Collection


Take your students to the world's most extreme environment with this curriculum. As they investigate Antarctica, they will also learn about world climate, day and night cycles, ocean circulation, animal adaptation, and scientists working "in the field."


English Language Learners

An overview of a 2007-2009 collaboration between the Museum and NYC public schools in a Science Literacy Program for science educators working with English language learners (ELL) in 6th grade that capitalized on the use of "Visual Scientific Resources" to deepen knowledge of Earth science.

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