Traveling Exhibitions


Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration

Offering a vision of the future of space travel, this exhibition boldly predicts humanity’s next steps into our solar system and beyond.


Brain: The Inside Story

Discover the workings of our most amazing organ through imaginative art, vivid brain-scan imaging, and dynamic interactive exhibits.


Climate Change: A New Energy Future

Investigate the science behind one of the most critical and talked-about topics of today and explore the implications of climate change for future generations.


Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence

Explore the extraordinary organisms that produce light, from backyard fireflies to alien-like deep-sea fishes.



Explore the life of the iconic naturalist, geologist, and thinker whose extraordinary ideas on evolution by natural selection were a critical turning point in modern science and culture.

Dinosaur Discoveries Pin

Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New Ideas

For Smaller Galleries

This exhibition highlights how new discoveries and technologies reveal how dinosaurs lived, moved and behaved.


Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries

Explore incredible new technologies, discoveries, and ideas that scientists are using to investigate and reinterpret many of the most puzzling and persistent mysteries of the dinosaurs.


Extreme Mammals: The Biggest, Smallest, and Most Amazing Mammals of All Time

Meet some of our most exotic cousins. This exhibition uses fossils, life-like models, taxidermy, and interactives to show off many of the weirdest mammals that have ever lived.

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Graphic Panel Exhibitions

These beautifully designed and scientifically accurate exhibitions showcase illustrations, photography, and infographics covering an array of themes from natural history to ecology.  


Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture

Experience the intersection of food, nature, culture, health and history. Explore the complex relationship we have with food, and consider some of the most compelling issues of our time.

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Life at the Limits

Explore the amazing super powers that animals, plants and other living organisms have developed to survive and to thrive.


Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns, & Mermaids

Learn about the natural and cultural roots of some of the world’s most enduring mythological creatures, and explore their enduring hold on the human imagination.


The Power of Poison

Explore poison’s roles in nature, myth, and human health — as a defense against predators, source of strength, or lethal weapon-turned-lifesaving treatment.


Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs

Discover the diversity of pterosaurs, and explore how these remarkable flying creatures evolved and thrived for nearly 150 million years before going extinct.


Race to the End of the Earth

Relive one of the most stirring tales of Antarctic exploration: the contest to be the first to reach the South Pole. Learn about historic and modern day research on this unique continent.


Traveling the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World

Journey along the most celebrated trade route in human history, and experience evocative sights, sounds, and artifacts from the Silk Road.


Water: H2O=Life

Explore the beauty and power of this seemingly simple element, and learn through art and science the many ways that water shapes life on Earth. Consider some of the modern possibilities related to humanity’s use of this life-giving, but finite, resource.


The World's Largest Dinosaurs

Examine new discoveries and technologies that have revolutionized our understanding of the biology of sauropods, the largest dinosaurs to have walked the Earth.