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Science Topics: A unique collection of articles, videos, news, and more from the Museum about featured scientific topics

Science Topics offer access to the Museum’s ongoing work in scientific research, exhibition, and education, with collections of unique digital resources on featured scientific topics that reflect the breadth and depth of the Museum’s mission.  With a rotating slate of frequently updated content on everything from conservation to astrophysics, Science Topics reveal the wonders of the natural world and bring the excitement of Museum science and scientists to audiences around the globe.   

Support for the development of Science Topics was generously provided by Sidney and Helaine Lerner, GRACE Communications Foundation. 

Featured Topics


Climate Change

Earth’s climate is naturally dynamic, but human activity is affecting it. The evidence comes from abundant data collected by many sources over time. 


Disease and Eradication

A collection of articles, videos, news, and more about infectious diseases and worldwide efforts to eradicate them.


Health and Our Microbiome

Humans are just a speck in a massively bacterial world. Living in and on us, microbes make up 70 to 90 percent of all cells in our bodies—our microbiome—and our health depends upon them.

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