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  • Darwin_Island

    A Strange New World

    This striking diorama depicts animals and plant life seen by Darwin on his trip around the world.

  • Darwin_AntiqueDisplay
  • Darwin_LiveSpecimens

    Live Specimens

    See live iguanas, ornate horned frogs, or Galápagos tortoises, such as those studied by Darwin.

  • Darwin_TortoiseModel


    Tortoises with different shell shapes and features exemplify Darwin’s observations in the Galápagos Islands.

  • Darwin_Voyage
  • Darwin_Glyptodont

    Glyptodont Skeleton

    This glyptodont cast represents one of the fossils that Darwin unearthed during his travels through South America.

  • Darwin_IdeaTakesShape

    An Idea Takes Shape

    Representations of Darwin’s notebooks and specimens critical to his theory are on display.

  • Darwin_Study

    Darwin’s Study

    Peek into an elaborate reproduction of Charles Darwin’s study from Down House.

  • Darwin_LifesWork

    A Life’s Work

    See facsimiles of original manuscript pages from Darwin’s Origin of the Species, and learn about how Darwin formed his theory.

  • Darwin_Cladogram
  • Darwin_Interactives
  • Darwin_Orchids


    Darwin experimented with live orchids to provide further evidence for natural selection.


This exhibition presents an extraordinary, comprehensive three-dimensional biography of the life, work, and legacy of Charles Robert Darwin (1809−1882). Best known for his revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection, Darwin and his extraordinary ideas are still considered revolutionary more than 150 years after his publication of On the Origin of Species (1859). Through specimens, documents, film, interactive media, and representations of Darwin’s personal effects, this landmark exhibition offers visitors a unique glimpse into Darwin’s intellectual and personal world and the experiences that first led him to formulate his groundbreaking theory.

Darwin is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with The Field Museum, Chicago; the Museum of Science, Boston; the Natural History Museum, London, England; and the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada.



“We can no longer imagine a world without Darwin, and this exhibition…helps us understand why” – American Scientist

“The most in-depth exhibition ever mounted on Darwin” – CBS News

Exhibition Information

Venue gallery size:

6,000 – 8,000 ft2 

(650 – 750 m2)


Venue ceiling height:

12 ft recommended

(3.6 m)


Conservation & Security requirements:



Standard Rental Length:

16 weeks

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