What would it be like to dissect a telescope? How do snakes see in the dark? What ocean creatures provide over 50% of the oxygen that we breathe? Have you ever held a creature that could kill 30 people? Come explore these topics and more at interactive carts in the Museum’s most popular Halls. If you have an interest in science and want to inspire Museum visitors, this is the program for you!

Consider becoming a Saltz Intern and learn to use equipment and technologies to guide visitors of all ages in investigations of artifacts, specimens, and the laws of physics. Use pieces of a telescope to explore how scientists view astronomical bodies in the Hall of the Universe, or discover how a snake’s vision is similar to Infrared cameras. In the Hall of Ocean Life, dive into the tiny but powerful work of plankton, or pass around some poisonous sea creatures and their victims.

Training is provided for science content and communication skills.

Participating in the Saltz Internship Program is an opportunity for you to meet Museum personnel, explore scientific content, learn valuable skills for working with and teaching learners of all ages, and have an impact on the experiences of thousands of Museum visitors.


The Saltz Internship Program is an intensive learning and work experience intended to build upon the Museum's (After School Program).  Preference will be given to youth who have completed two After-School Program courses in life sciences, astronomy, or earth and planetary sciences, but all are encouraged to apply.

Saltz Internship applicants MUST:

  • Live in or attend high school in New York City.
  • Be 16-18 years old.
  • Submission of Online Application, Essay, and Recommendation Letter via application link
    • Please write a 3 – 4 paragraph essay about yourself that addresses the following questions:
      - Why are you a good candidate for the Saltz Internship Program?
      - Why are you interested in the sciences?
      - How will this experience at the Museum help you further your academic and career goals?
  • One letter of recommendation must be submitted for your application to be complete. Your letter of recommendation should come from a teacher, or another adult who knows you, such as someone from your youth program, after-school program, or workplace. Your letter of recommendation should NOT come from a parent or family member.

Applications for Summer 2016 is closed!


This program is made possible by a generous gift from the Gary Saltz Foundation, Inc.