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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Newly graduated or soon-to-graduate Ph.D.s may apply for a postdoctoral fellowship in any discipline of the AMNH. Applicants with research interests that may have broad implications for such themes as advancing our understanding of the evolution and diversity of species and the “tree of life”, genomics, and/or human and medical research through the study of other organisms may be eligible for co-funding from the Gerstner Scholar program. Some postdoctoral fellowship applicants may be eligible for support through special programs, if their areas of specialization include the study of North American terrestrial and freshwater fauna (Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund) which include everything north of the Isthmus of Panama, including the Caribbean, or marine biology (Lerner-Gray Fund for Marine Research).

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program

The Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program of the American Museum provides training to postdoctoral investigators and established scientists to carry out a specific project within a limited time period. The project must fit into the Museum’s areas of interest. The program is designed to advance the training of the participant by having him/her pursue a project in association with museum professionals in a museum setting. Appointments are typically made for up to two years. Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to be in residence at the Museum. Limited relocation, research, and publication support is provided.  Postdoctoral fellows may conduct research in any area of the AMNH, with special funding options available for those focusing on North American fauna and marine biology.

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Gerstner Postdoctoral Fellowships in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

The American Museum of Natural History seeks highly qualified applicants for its Gerstner Postdoctoral Fellows program in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.  Successful applicants must be able to work effectively in applying innovative techniques to pursue independent and collaborative bioinformatics and computational research in integrative studies of genomics or spatial bioinformatics or biodiversity informatics, alongside faculty and other researchers interested in phylogenetics, phylogeography, evolutionary studies, and phenomics (the use of high-throughput computational methods to analyze morphological, physiological, and other phenotypic form and function).  Fellows also will participate in the design, development and implementation of new algorithms, bioinformatics tools and infrastructure and computational methods to facilitate genomic assemblies and analyses, as well as developing methods to catalyze ongoing synthesis of phylogenetic information and address ‘big data’ issues from a computational perspective. Click here for details

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Gerstner Scholars Program

Generously funded by the Gerstner Family Foundation, the Gerstner Scholars program will encourage and support groundbreaking research in biology, with an emphasis on genomics, including such topics as microbes, mammals, invertebrates, marine life, and computational biology. The work of scholars at AMNH co-supported through this competitive program will have implications for such broad themes as: human and medical research that is informed by understanding the scientific composition and behavior of other species; and advancing our understanding of the evolution and diversity of species and the "tree of life."

Chosen for their creative approaches to research questions that are likely to lead to important new discoveries in their respective fields, Gerstner Scholars will include biological scientists who have demonstrated outstanding performance that merits recognition early in their careers.  Awardees must have received their degree or deposited their dissertation before they begin their appointment.

Note that this program is not a stand-alone program.  You must complete the general postdoctoral fellowship application due on November 15.

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Research Fellowship in Museum Anthropology

The Bard Graduate Center and the American Museum of Natural History are collaborating on a fellowship scheme, which provides support to a postdoctoral researcher to carry out a specific project for a two-year period. The project will be carried out in association with a curator in the AMNH Division of Anthropology, and will also involve teaching one graduate-level course per year at the Bard Graduate Center (BGC). Housing is a possibility and there is a stipend payable. Details can be downloaded from the BGC website by following the above link. All applications should be directed to BGC.

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