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Ward Wheeler

Curator, Computational Science, Molecular Systematics
Principal Investigator, SICG Molecular Lab
Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School

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  • Education

      • Harvard University, Ph.D., 1988
      • Yale College, B.A., 1985 
  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

      Dr. Wheeler’s research focuses on systematic theory and its application to the historical relationships among and within a number of metazoan lineages. He has developed theory and algorithms to interpret evolutionary patterns from multiple sources of phylogenetic information including anatomy, behavior, and and a diversity of genomic information. His laboratory at the AMNH sequences DNA and reconstructs evolutionary trees to determine how metazoan taxa and their anatomy and genomes have evolved over the past 500 million years. Dr. Wheeler has built a series of high performance cluster computers to analyze these data, some of the fastest used in phylogenetic research in the world. This technology is put to use in the American Museum's quest to link extinct lineages with the genomes, morphology, and behavior of species that survive today. Dr. Wheeler joined the Museum in 1989 and since then has authored over 150 scientific publications, books, and software packages, and has been awarded a US patent in DNA sequence analysis.

      Dr. Wheeler serves as Curator-in-Charge of the Science Computing Facility. He along with a team of researchers and graduates students seeded the high-performance computing facility beginning with a commodity cluster some 10 years ago, built and used to analyze phylogenetic relationships among and within species of invertebrates.

Professional Employment

  • 2007 to 2012 Division Chair of Invertebrate Zoology
  • 2007 to present Curator-in-Charge Scientific Computing
  • 1999 to present Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History
  • 1994 to 1999 Associate Curator of Invertebrates, American Museum of Natural History
  • 1989 to 1994 Assistant Curator of Invertebrates, American Museum of Natural History
  • 1988 to 1989 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Teaching Experience

    Teaching Experience