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Over 250,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects representing the peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific Islands have been digitally imaged and are accessible online.




Anthropology Thesaurus provides a controlled vocabulary for use in searching across the collections. The goal of this thesaurus is to allow users to browse through a hierarchical structure to locate individual objects rather than perform a traditional search on individual keywords.




This section presents objects from the Textile Collection, as well as Mexico & Central America Virtual Hall, The Buddha Project, Tibetan Paintings (tangkas), Ethnographic Collections from the most significant Museum expeditions, and the Collections Thesaurus.


Database, Special Exhibition

Exhibition History

This section presents artifacts from current and recent past exhibitions at the AMNH which draw substantially from its collections.


Article, Collection

Collections History

Articles about scientific fieldwork carried out by ethnographers, archaeologists, and biological anthropologists in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Pacific islands, and the collections acquired through Museum expeditions, excavations, purchase and donations.


Article, Collection


Collections Management personnel work to preserve over 500,000 anthropological objects by providing them with stable environments, modern storage facilities, and by building computerized databases of the information associated with the objects.


Article, Collection


The primary function of the Objects Conservation Laboratory in the Division of Anthropology is to ensure the preservation of the collections for the future. The conservators' main activities include examination, documentation, treatment and preventive care, supported by research and education.


Article, Collection

Digital Imaging

Since 1989, with major support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Division of Anthropology has captured over 200,000 images which document collections from the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, and has made these images accessible via the Internet.


Online Resource

Widget AnthroDaily

AnthroDaily is a widget for Mac computers that presents every day a different object from the collections (the same one as on the home page) and links to the Division of Anthropology website.

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