Code of Conduct

The Following are Prohibited:

• Explosives, firearms, knives, weapons, and noxious gases or substances

• Bikes, roller skates, skateboards

• Food or drink (water bottles permitted)

•Luggage, small carry-ons and oversize backpacks, including those on wheels, are not allowed into the Museum and cannot be checked. 

• Dogs or other pets (service animals permitted)

• Running, climbing, or sitting on exhibits or railings

• Carrying children on shoulders

• Use of selfie-sticks and tripods (still photography with handheld cameras only)

• Commercial photography (permitted solely for private, non-commercial use; photos cannot be published or distributed)

• Creating a disturbance, yelling; audible music devices

• Soliciting; posting or distributing any sign, notice, ad or print material

• Entering any non-public area without authorization

The Following are Required:

• Young children must be accompanied by an adult

• Following directions from security or other Museum staff

Please be courteous to persons with disabilities when using elevators and benches.