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The Pet Trade

Brightly colored frogs are popular with pet owners and collectors. While many frogs are bred in captivity, over-collection of wild frogs is still a major problem. Frogs that live on islands or in small populations are most at risk. Tomato frogs have been given priority protection by international law.


 © Jorg Hess, Zoological Garden Basel; CITES

Tomato Frog

Dyscophus antongilii

Class: Amphibia
Family: Microhylidae
Size: 2 to 4 inches
Food: Insects
Range: Lowlands of Madagascar
Habitat: Swamps, shallow pools
Life Cycle: Breeds during the rainy season. Females deposit up to 1,500 eggs which hatch in 36 hours. Tadpoles metamorphose in about 45 days.

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