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Palomar 200 inch Dome at Night

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Research in Astrophysics covers theory, observation, and instrumentation, with investigations focused on exoplanets, brown dwarfs, the formation of planets, stars, and galaxies, the evolution of stars and gas in the universe, and large-scale surveys.  

Studies include numerical simulations of planet, star, and galaxy formation; observational work on explosions and shells of novae, and cataclysmic variables in nearby galaxies and globular clusters; surveys for massive star pre-supernovae (Wolf-Rayet stars) throughout the Milky Way; and the development of new techniques to study the solar-system scale environs of nearby stars, including direct observations of exoplanets and nascent solar systems.

Project 1640 Logo


Project 1640

An instrument designed to simultaneously image and acquire low-resolution spectra of planets orbiting nearby stars.

High Proper Motion Star


Stellar Populations

Investigating stellar populations, novae, and Wolf Rayet stars in the Milky Way.

AB Aur Press Release Lyot Project


The Lyot Project

Construction and deployment of the world's first coronagraph optimized for the diffraction limit of a telescope.

Gemini Planet Imager Optics Diagram


Gemini Planet Imager

An adaptive optics instrument for imaging exoplanets using the Gemini Telescope.

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