The Tree of Life Cladogram
Birds & Crocodilians

CHARACTERISTICS: animals with a backbone; crocodilians have an elongated head with long jaws, and body covered with hard plates; birds have a hard beak and body covered with feathers
KNOWN SPECIES: birds-10,301; crocodilians-25
SIZE RANGE: birds-less than 2.4 inches to 8.2 feet (less than 6 centimeters to 2.5 meters); crocodilians-3.9 feet to 20.7 feet (1.2 to 6.3 meters)
WHERE THEY LIVE: in oceans and fresh waters, and on land

Here are just SOME of the world's birds & crocodilians: American crocodile
Photos are not actual size!
California condor Snowy owl
Whooping crane Greater bird of paradise Snowy owl
Whooping crane
Great bird of paradise
American robin
Morelet's crocodile Schneider's dwarf caiman Schneider's dwarf caiman
Morelet's crocodile
Guess What?
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American crocodile California condor Whooping crane