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Take a journey across Asia and discover the secrets and wonders of the greatest trade route of ancient times.



The Silk Road begins in the massive Xi'an, capital of China's Tang Empire.



After months spent baking under the blazing sun, the caravan has reached Turfan. At last, here is a lush oasis refuge from the harsh Taklimakan Desert of Central Asia.



As the caravan approaches the fabled city of Samarkand, the gates swing open. Are you seeking the finest silk brocade? A sable coat, a packet of fragrant musk or a smooth roll of cream-colored paper?



The journey along the Silk Road has taken you thousands of miles from the imperial city of Xi'an, China. At last, here is its western rival: Baghdad, capital of the Islamic world.


Sea Routes

While caravan merchants of the Silk Road risked their worldly assets transporting goods over mountains and deserts, other traders placed their bets on the sea.

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