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November 21, 2016 — August 13, 2017



Male cuban anole lizard sitting on a tree branch and displays its dewlap.
Brown anoles like this one thrive in the leaf litter beneath Cuba's trees.
© A. Hartl/AGE Fotostock

Welcome to Cuba 

Its complex politics and vibrant music have attracted the attention of the world. But Cuba, the largest island nation in the Caribbean, is also home to the unexpected. It’s a place of stunning contrasts: mysterious caves and bright boulevards, sweltering fields and cool forests, hard challenges and high energy.

This exhibition takes you inside the Cuban experience. Meet its people, explore its landscapes and encounter its rare and unusual species—and come away with new perspectives on this intriguing country so close to our shores.

Click on the image below to see the locations featured in the exhibit.

Illustration of a map of Cuba pointing out the areas featured in the exhibition.