Shops at the Museum

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The Museum Shop

Floor 1 and Floor 2

The flagship of the variously-themed Museum shops, this impressive tri-level store is a world-class source for unique gifts. Each level offers a special shopping experience: a fine gifts gallery, a reading and viewing room, and an unparalleled world of fun and discovery for children. Visitors can broaden their Museum experience with mementos that relate to favorite halls; further their exploration of science with educational books and kits; add to their collections of jewelry inspired by world cultures; or bring home entertaining puzzles, iconic Museum apparel and memorabilia, and cuddly stuffed animals. This extraordinary store is truly a treasure trove for distinctive gifts.

Gilder Gift Shop 

Floor 1

Shop here for engaging products inspired by the new insectarium and vivarium. 

Invisible Worlds Shop

Floor 3

Shop here for products inspired by themes in the Invisible Worlds immersive experience, including apparel, puzzles, and gifts highlighting rainforest and ocean conservation themes.

Dino Store

Floor 4

Inspired by the extraordinary fossil halls at the American Museum of Natural History, this shop contains an extensive collection of dinosaur-themed merchandise. Discover dinosaur games and puzzles, educational products for children including fossil replicas and models, dino-related books, posters, apparel, and more at this “pre-historic” shop. The Dino Store is located on the fourth floor of the Museum. 

Cosmic Shop

Floor 2

Located near the exit of the Space Show in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, this shop features a collection of cosmos-related products including science kits, thought-provoking toys and games, posters, postcards, and more.

Planetarium Shop

Lower Level

Taking its cue from the wonders of outer space and from the depths of our planet, this shop is filled with scientific gifts that enrich visitors’ experiences in the Hall of Planet Earth and the Hayden Planetarium. Adults and children will continue their adventure with items such as meteorite specimens, gems and minerals, books, movies, and iconic Museum apparel and memorabilia. This shop is located on the lower level of the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

Exhibition Shops

Every year the American Museum of Natural History produces major exhibitions that present cutting-edge material in the cultural and scientific fields. Shops that feature products related to these ticketed exhibitions are located near each exhibition’s exit doors.

Online Store

You can purchase items inspired by the amazing collections of the American Museum of Natural History from the comfort of your home or office by shopping online. You'll find a range of unique gift items inspired by the Museum's halls including dinosaurs, earth and space, ocean life, biodiversity, and world cultures as well as Museum apparel, memorabilia, and more. 

All proceeds support science and education at the American Museum of Natural History.