Code of Conduct

The following are required:

  • Following the Museum’s COVID-19 Health and Safety requirements for visitors at all times. Facial coverings are strongly recommended during your visit for all visitors ages 2 and up.
  • Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Directions from security guards or other Museum staff must be followed.

Please be courteous to persons with disabilities when using elevators and benches.

The following are prohibited:

  • Explosives, firearms, knives, weapons, and noxious gases or substances
  • Bikes, roller skates, skateboards, wagons, and scooters (with the exception of small, foldable scooters for young children that may be carried by an adult)
  • Outside food or drink (water bottles permitted).*
  • Dogs or other pets (service animals permitted)
  • Running, climbing, or sitting on exhibits or railings
  • Carrying children on shoulders
  • Creating a disturbance, yelling, audible music devices
  • Soliciting, posting or distributing any sign, notice, ad, or print material
  • Entering any non-public area without authorization
  • Adults wearing masks of any kind, except for facial coverings worn for health and safety purposes consistent with the Museum's COVID-19 Health and Safety requirements.

*Eating is prohibited in Museum galleries. Because dining onsite is currently limited to the Food Court, visitors may leave and return using the same timed-entry on the same day.