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Podcasts Podcast: SciCafe—Science of Love with Bianca Jones Marlin How does the “love drug” oxytocin affect the way that parents care for their children—in both humans and animals? February 14, 2019 News posts Overwintering in the Backyard Find out what our animal neighbors do during winter, and check out these same species in the giant-screen film Backyard Wilderness. February 11, 2019 News posts Why Howe Quarry is Among North America's Most Important Fossil Sites The remote site in Wyoming yielded thousands of fossil finds in the 1930s, still being studied by Museum researchers today. January 30, 2019 News posts Mammoth or Mastodon? From tusks to trunks, these extinct elephant relatives had a lot in common. Here's how to tell mammoths and mastodons apart. January 24, 2019 Podcasts Podcast: SciCafe—Teaming Up with Robots with Julie Shah The next generation of robots is not only powerful enough to work for humans, but also smart enough to work safely alongside us. January 24, 2019 News posts A Cotton Coat Made by Japan's Ainu People Explore an example of traditional clothing from the Museum’s collection of textiles, made by indigenous people from Hokkaido, Japan. January 17, 2019 News posts The Glowing Hawksbill Sea Turtle Find out what Museum researchers are learning about this endangered marine species. January 9, 2019 News posts January 2019 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History Get inspired at the Museum this month with wildlife on the giant screen, a deep dive into ocean science, and more. January 3, 2019 Podcasts Podcast: SciCafe—End of the Megafauna with Ross MacPhee How do scientists explain the mass extinction of the world’s largest—and strangest—animals over the last 50,000 years? December 20, 2018 Research posts How Did Flight Change Brain Shape in Dinosaurs? Research by Museum research associates finds brain shape is likely affected by the acquisition of flight. December 19, 2018 Research posts Is the Northern Cardinal One Species, Or Many? Research from Museum scientists analyzed genetics and songs to see if Northern Cardinal populations are different species. December 13, 2018 News posts December 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History Visit the Museum this month for origami fun-folding sessions, special exhibitions, a Kwanzaa celebration, and more. December 4, 2018
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