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News Posts Museum Astrophysicist Named American Astronomical Society Fellow Jackie Faherty’s selection highlights outstanding research on brown dwarfs and exoplanets, public outreach, and service as mentor. January 13, 2022 Research posts Scientists Identify New Feathered Velociraptor Relative Birdlike dinosaur from the Gobi Desert adds to the theropod fossil record, and shows similar species coexisted. December 17, 2021 Research posts Museum Fossil Confirmed as Distinct Sauropod Species Amphicoelias altus fossil also suggests that the western U.S. was home to greater variety of sauropods in the Jurassic. November 19, 2021 Research posts New Bat Species Appears in Ancient Andean Ceramic Researchers identify a new bat species—and spot its features on a ceramic vessel made by the Moche people. October 28, 2021 Research posts Bigfin Reef Squid Males Investigate Area for Mates To improve mating success, bigfin reef squid males scope out nesting sites, scare off rivals, according to new study. October 15, 2021 Research posts Extinct Ground Sloth Mylodon Was Not a Vegetarian Unlike its living relatives, the giant sloth was an omnivore, consuming meat or other animal protein in addition to plants. October 7, 2021 Research posts Mining Museums for Historical DNA Using modern technology, natural history museum collections can provide a record of biodiversity over the last 200 years. August 27, 2021 Education posts Strategies To Support Students Disrupted by the Pandemic Museum study finds pandemic negatively affected college students in STEM fields—and identifies strategies for new school year. August 12, 2021 Research posts Corals Get a Nitrogen Fix from Microbes Even When They Don’t Seem to Need It In waters with increased nitrogen, corals continued to receive the nutrient from symbiotic microorganisms. August 3, 2021 Research posts Bird Brains Evolved in Unique Path, Study Finds Birds’ relatively large brains developed and evolved differently from close relatives dinosaurs and alligators. July 9, 2021 Research posts New Study IDs Nearby Star Systems That Can “See” Earth More than 2,000 star systems have been or will be in position to detect Earth transiting across the Sun over 10,000 years. June 23, 2021 Research posts Desert Dinosaur Likely Hunted in the Dark, Study Shows The chicken-sized dinosaur Shuvuuia had extraordinary vision and owl-like hearing for nocturnal life in the Mongolian desert. May 7, 2021
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