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Research posts Desert Dinosaur Likely Hunted in the Dark, Study Shows The chicken-sized dinosaur Shuvuuia had extraordinary vision and owl-like hearing for nocturnal life in the Mongolian desert. May 7, 2021 Research posts Why Fossil Apes are Vital to Understanding Human Evolution A new review makes the case that living apes offer incomplete evidence for the study of human origins. May 6, 2021 Research posts Early Humans Did Not Cause Island Extinctions, According to New Study Research into early humans’ and human ancestors’ impacts on more than 30 islands finds no evidence of harm. May 3, 2021 Research posts Ancient DNA of "Horned" Crocodile Sheds Light on Croc Family Tree New study about Madagascar crocodile suggests that modern crocodiles likely originated in Africa. April 26, 2021 Research posts Study Identifies Creativity Genes that Make Humans Unique Research team identified 267 genes found only in humans, not in close relatives chimpanzees or Neanderthals. April 21, 2021 Research posts Revisiting a Renowned Skull From Early Human Homo Erectus Scientists identify two 2-million-year-old specimens—likely the earliest pieces of the H. erectus skeleton yet discovered. April 13, 2021 Research posts Dig This: Two New Burrowing Mammal Ancestors Discovered Newly described 120-million-year-old animals evolved “scratch-digging” traits independently. April 7, 2021 Research posts Whales and Hippos Evolved Water-Ready Skin Independently Hippos and cetaceans are close relatives, but their shared “aquatic” skin traits did not come from a common ancestor. April 1, 2021 Research posts Sizzling Planet Might Orbit Star Vega Based on decade of ground observations, astronomers see “jiggle” indicating an alien world in orbit of neighboring star. March 24, 2021 Research posts First Biofluorescent Fish Found in the Arctic In icy waters off Greenland, Museum researchers found a species of snailfish that glows in shades of red and green. March 18, 2021 Research posts Hungry Green Algae Will Eat Live Bacteria, New Study Shows New experimental approach that uses non-toxic fluorescent dye shows that green algae consume bacteria. March 2, 2021 Research posts Ancient Octopuses Hunted by Piercing Shells Much Earlier Than Thought New research unveils the earliest evidence of octopus predation in the fossil record. February 22, 2021
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