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Research posts Researchers Discover Partially Blind Scorpion in Amazon Rainforest Leaflitter New species of Colombian scorpion lacks median eyes, a trait common in cave dwellers but not those living in forests. April 12, 2024 Research posts New Fossil Discoveries Change Thinking on Early Mammal Evolution Two new studies on mammal teeth, jaw, and ear evolution provide new insights into Jurassic-era mammals. April 4, 2024 Research posts Revised Bird Family Tree Reshapes Understanding of Bird Evolution Most comprehensive bird tree of life to date reveals that bird brains have gotten bigger through time relative to body size. April 2, 2024 Research posts Scientists Link Pandemic Prevention To Wildlife Habitat Protection International team proposes set of ecological interventions to prevent disease transmission from animals to humans. March 26, 2024 Research posts Ancient Freshwater Dolphin Discovered in Amazon Scientists uncover largest species of freshwater river dolphin from fossil excavations in Peru’s Amazon. March 20, 2024 Research posts 326-Million-Year Old Shark-like Fossil Species Named Newly described Cosmoselachus mehlingi honors Senior Museum Specialist Carl Mehling for contributions to paleontology. March 7, 2024 Research posts Study Finds that Megalodon was Leaner than Thought The megalodon is usually presented as a larger version of a great white shark. New research finds it was likely more slender. January 22, 2024 Research posts New Brown Dwarf Discoveries Led by Museum Astronomers New work reveals an aurora on a brown dwarf, patterns in cloud cover, and 89 new worlds discovered by citizen scientists. January 11, 2024 Research posts Extinct Woolly Dog Analyzed in Collaborative Study with Coast Salish Co-authors New analysis sheds light on ancestry and genetics of culturally significant breed based on 160-year-old pelt. December 14, 2023 Research posts Researchers Identify Two New Arachnid Species Scorpion and whip spider species each represent ancient, isolated lineages that offer insight into arachnid evolution. December 12, 2023 Research posts Fiber Optic Cables can Measure Cicada Chatter Study finds that high-speed internet cables could be a cost-effective tool in tracking cicada emergence. November 30, 2023 Research posts New Mosasaur Is A Link Between Iconic Species Named for Norse sea serpent, Jormungandr walhallaensis has transitional traits that aid understanding of mosasaur evolution. October 30, 2023
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