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Education posts Museum Curator Helps Science Teachers Bring Paleontology to the Classroom Melanie Hopkins’ took MAT alumni on a fieldwork excursion to learn how to incorporate paleontology into their curriculum. October 25, 2019 News Posts Erica Glynn Wins 2019 Margaret Mead Film Festival’s Filmmaker Award This year’s award-winner explores her mother Freda’s work as a founder of Aboriginal media in She Who Must Be Loved. October 18, 2019 On Exhibit posts Radiolarians Still Hold Mysteries for Scientists Research on radiolarians is limited to fossilized remains or specimens in the wild as they’ve yet to be cultured in the lab. October 17, 2019 On Exhibit posts Why the Emerald Swallowtail Butterfly Changes Color Find out why this species is a chameleon, and see it up close when The Butterfly Conservatory opens Saturday, October 12. October 8, 2019 Education posts New Class of Scientists and Teachers Graduates from Museum The Richard Gilder Graduate School awarded degrees to 3 doctoral graduates in comparative biology and 15 Earth science teachers. September 30, 2019 Education posts 2019 Ph.D. Graduate Profile: Jeremy Frank 2019 doctoral graduate Jeremy Frank is building the first evolutionary tree for solitary wasps in the genus Bembix. September 23, 2019 Education posts 2019 Ph.D. Graduate Profile: Kelly Speer Doctoral graduate Kelly Speer looks at parasites, like bat flies, to understand disease transmission among tropical bats. September 16, 2019 Education posts 2019 Ph.D. Graduate Profile: Anna Ragni A passion to learn about human origins launches doctoral candidate Anna Ragni on a career in paleoanthropology. September 10, 2019 On Exhibit posts What was T. rex Like as a Juvenile? Find out what living species can tell us about how juvenile T. rex looked and behaved. September 6, 2019 News Posts This Weekend at the Museum Spending Labor Day weekend 2019 in New York City? Here’s what to see over the holiday weekend at the Museum. August 28, 2019 Research posts 20-Million-Year-Old Skull Reveals Anthropoid Primate Brains Evolved More Than Once The rare fossil skull of the ancient primate Chilecebus has scientists rethinking the evolution of anthropoid brains. August 21, 2019 Research posts Flashlight Fish Use Their Glow to School in Dark Waters Museum researchers make the first observation of fish using bioluminescent flashes to school in dark waters. August 15, 2019
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