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News Posts Solar System Neighbors, With Different Fates Earth and Venus are made of the same stuff. Why is Venus uninhabitable? January 24, 2020 News Posts Museum Research Library Launches Major Archival Initiative The three-year project will expand access to an archive documenting the Museum’s first 100 years. January 6, 2020 News Posts This Month at the Museum Explore our solar system in a new Space Show in the Hayden Planetarium. On the giant screen: Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation. December 30, 2019 Research posts Latest Ape from Europe Moved Unlike Any Primate Alive Today New research from Museum scientists found that an ancient ape from Europe was likely a climber. December 23, 2019 News Posts Saturn’s Rings Reveal How Our Solar System Formed Images taken by the Cassini spacecraft show us Saturn’s rings are a nursery for new worlds. December 19, 2019 News Posts What to See at the American Museum of Natural History This Holiday Season From butterflies to tyrannosaurs, there’s something for everyone at the Museum this time of year. December 13, 2019 Research posts Mystery Marine Organism Identified as Giant Sea Anemone Relicanthus daphneae’s stinging capsules led researchers to determine that it belonged within its own suborder of Actiniaria. December 12, 2019 Research posts New Study Sheds Light on Location of Black Hole Mergers Researchers point to the glow of colliding gas as a way to spot black hole mergers. November 12, 2019 Research posts Fossil Femur Shows Apes, Old World Monkeys Move Differently Than Ancestor Niche habitats may be key factor in determining the locomotion of Old World monkeys and apes from a shared ancestor 30 million years... November 8, 2019 Education posts Museum Curator Helps Science Teachers Bring Paleontology to the Classroom Melanie Hopkins’ took MAT alumni on a fieldwork excursion to learn how to incorporate paleontology into their curriculum. October 25, 2019 News Posts Erica Glynn Wins 2019 Margaret Mead Film Festival’s Filmmaker Award This year’s award-winner explores her mother Freda’s work as a founder of Aboriginal media in She Who Must Be Loved. October 18, 2019 On Exhibit posts Radiolarians Still Hold Mysteries for Scientists Research on radiolarians is limited to fossilized remains or specimens in the wild as they’ve yet to be cultured in the lab. October 17, 2019
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