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Research posts New Species of Sea Anemones Described by Students Working With Museum Scientists Students working with researchers in the Museum's Student Research Mentorship Program describe new deep-sea anemones. March 20, 2020 Research posts 540-Million-Year-Old Marine Fossil Remains a Mystery New research from Museum scientists finds that an ancient marine animal doesn't fit clearly in any known group. March 12, 2020 Research posts Lorikeets’ Flashy Feathers Are Multitasking, Study Finds A Museum-led study examines how color evolved in one of the most dazzling groups of parrots—Australasian lorikeets. March 2, 2020 News Posts This Month at the Museum Coming in March: a new exhibition about color, an after-hours program about the human brain, and more. February 28, 2020 Research posts Soft Underwater Gripper Tests Jellyfish Stress Response Museum researchers test how a new underwater robotic can safely catch and release delicate jellyfish.­­­­ February 27, 2020 Research posts Rare Brown Dwarf System Found by Citizen Scientists Citizen scientists discovered a pair of brown dwarfs separated by a large distance and with low total mass. February 24, 2020 Research posts Ancient Rodent Nests Contain Clues from Earth’s Past Researchers look to DNA recovered from packrat middens to find out how ecological communities change over time. February 18, 2020 News Posts Midwinter Recess at the Museum Explore tropical butterflies, the solar system, and tyrannosaurs this February break. February 13, 2020 News Posts New Exhibits Bring Aquatic Worlds to Discovery Room Visitors can explore the ecology of coral reefs and the marine inhabitants of New York’s East River. February 6, 2020 News Posts The Colorful Ruby-throated Hummingbird These pollinators use their green feathers for one purpose, and bright red feathers for another. February 4, 2020 News Posts Great Canoe Relocates to Northwest Coast Hall Iconic Museum exhibit was moved from Grand Gallery to the Northwest Coast Hall as part of a major restoration project. January 31, 2020 News Posts Solar System Neighbors, With Different Fates Earth and Venus are made of the same stuff. Why is Venus uninhabitable? January 24, 2020
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