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News Posts Museum Scientist Awarded Major Dragonfly Research Grant Assistant Curator Jessica Ware is part of a project with four other institutions to study the long evolution of dragonflies. August 3, 2020 Research posts Three Bizarre Brown Dwarfs Discovered by Citizen Scientists One brown dwarf may be the coldest star-like object ever found. Two have unusual composition. All were spotted by volunteers. July 10, 2020 Research posts New Observations Point to Light Flare from Black Hole Merger A new study describes what might be the first light ever detected from a collision of two black holes. June 25, 2020 Research posts First Dinosaur Eggs Were Soft Like a Turtle’s A new study led by the Museum and Yale University contradicts the long-held thought that all dinosaur eggs were hard-shelled. June 17, 2020 Education posts High School Herpetologists Study Gemsnakes NYC high school students in the SRMP program work with Museum scientists on research about snakes, spider venom, more. June 16, 2020 News Posts Students Across Globe Participate in Museum’s OLogy Challenge The Museum is helping students around the world continue learning from home with hands-on activities for families. May 4, 2020 Research posts Museum Research Investigates COVID-19 and Climate A new study examines whether the prevalence of COVID-19 in particular areas might be linked to climate. April 10, 2020 Research posts Wind Speed Measured on Brown Dwarf for First Time Scientists measured windspeed on a brown dwarf 33.2 lightyears from Earth at 650 meters per second, or 1,450 miles per hour. April 9, 2020 News Posts Don’t Miss April’s Super Pink Moon On April 7, 2020, take a look at the sky for the biggest, brightest Moon of 2020, dubbed the “Super Pink Moon.” April 7, 2020 Research posts Most Novae Star Systems are Sleeping, Study Confirms New research confirms a long-contested theory that cataclysmic binary systems go through a cycle of hibernation. March 30, 2020 Research posts Niagara Falls Acts as Barrier for Fish Species Museum research finds that fish species above and below Niagara Falls are genetically distinct. March 25, 2020 Research posts New Species of Sea Anemones Described by Students Working With Museum Scientists Students working with researchers in the Museum's Student Research Mentorship Program describe new deep-sea anemones. March 20, 2020
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