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Blog Post Ancient DNA Reveals Extinct Jamaican Monkey Related to South American Species New research from Museum scientists found that Xenothrix mcgregori was most closely related to South America’s titi monkeys. Blog Post Within Ape Species, Varied Skull Shapes Reflect Genetic History By analyzing ape genetics and skull shapes, a new study by Museum researchers found an evolutionary pattern that could aid th... Blog Post Dinosaurs Had Colored Eggs, New Study Shows Researchers find the first evidence of colored eggs in eggshell samples belonging to Eumaniraptoran dinosaurs. Blog Post The Key to Understanding Microbiome Evolution? Scientists Look to Bats Bats’ bacteria can offer researchers insight into the evolutionary history of mammals’ microbiomes, which may inform human he... Blog Post When Did Human Feet Become “Made for Walking”? Researchers have found evidence of feet adapted for bipedal locomotion in a 4.4-million-year-old human ancestor. Blog Post Study Sheds Light on Mysterious Glowing Fireworms Seen by Christopher Columbus A bioluminescent mating display by Bermuda fireworms, which only occurs after the full Moon in summer and fall, is thought to... Blog Post What Copper Found in Georgia Tells Us About Trade Among Ancient Native Americans New research traces a 4,000-year-old copper band found on St. Catherines Island off the coast of Georgia to the Great Lakes r... Blog Post Largest Dinosaur Foot Ever Found Belonged to Brachiosaurus Relative New research on a 1-meter-wide “Bigfoot” fossil foot found in Wyoming also confirms that these sauropods inhabited a larger r... Blog Post A New Way to Study Extinct Animals’ Diets A one-size-fits-all assumption for analyzing ancient plant-eating mammals’ diets has been used for decades. Museum researcher... Blog Post New Species of Snail-Eating Snakes Discovered in Ecuador and Peru Modified jaws let these snakes slurp their favorite food.   Study Finds Some Malaria Parasites May Need New Names Researchers discover deadly malaria genus Plasmodium includes several distantly related groups. Blog Post Does Green Blood Give Some Lizards an Edge? Research from Curator Susan Perkins and colleagues on a toxic green bile pigment that turns lizards’ blood lime-green may hav...
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