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Research posts Amazon's Small Rivers Spurred Bird Speciation New genome-based study shows that as small river systems change over time, they contribute to bird speciation. April 8, 2022 Research posts After Dinosaurs, Mammals Put Brawn Over Brains In the 10 million years following the dinosaur die-out, mammals bulked up, rather than evolving bigger brains, to adapt. March 31, 2022 Research posts Conservation Efforts Must Work Across Borders, Studies Show As climate change forces species to cross borders, scientists recommend coordinated approaches to prevent biodiversity loss. March 22, 2022 Research posts Octopus Ancestors Had 10 Arms, New Study Shows 328-million-year-old cephalopod reveals that the group that includes octopuses and vampire squid is older than previously thought. March 8, 2022 Research posts Bats Use Different Inner Ear Structures to Echolocate New study points to differences in inner ear structures that led to different echolocation for “yin” and “yang” bats. January 26, 2022 Research posts Scientists Identify New Feathered Velociraptor Relative Birdlike dinosaur from the Gobi Desert adds to the theropod fossil record, and shows similar species coexisted. December 17, 2021 Research posts Gut Microbes Help Fill Gaps in Bats’ Diets Bats’ intestinal bacteria accommodate nutrient-poor diets by producing what’s missing. December 16, 2021 Research posts Citizen Scientists Discover “Outlier” Distant World Missed By Previous Searches The object is 146 light years away and is not quite a planet, not quite a brown dwarf. December 9, 2021 Research posts Museum Fossil Confirmed as Distinct Sauropod Species Amphicoelias altus fossil also suggests that the western U.S. was home to greater variety of sauropods in the Jurassic. November 19, 2021 Research posts New Bat Species Appears in Ancient Andean Ceramic Researchers identify a new bat species—and spot its features on a ceramic vessel made by the Moche people. October 28, 2021 Research posts Bigfin Reef Squid Males Investigate Area for Mates To improve mating success, bigfin reef squid males scope out nesting sites, scare off rivals, according to new study. October 15, 2021 Research posts Extinct Ground Sloth Mylodon Was Not a Vegetarian Unlike its living relatives, the giant sloth was an omnivore, consuming meat or other animal protein in addition to plants. October 7, 2021
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