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On Exhibit posts Radiolarians Still Hold Mysteries for Scientists Research on radiolarians is limited to fossilized remains or specimens in the wild as they’ve yet to be cultured in the lab. October 17, 2019 On Exhibit posts Why the Emerald Swallowtail Butterfly Changes Color Find out why this species is a chameleon, and see it up close when The Butterfly Conservatory opens Saturday, October 12. October 8, 2019 On Exhibit posts What was T. rex Like as a Juvenile? Find out what living species can tell us about how juvenile T. rex looked and behaved. September 6, 2019 On Exhibit posts Ancient Malagasy Ammonites Reveal Changing Seas Researchers look to ancient ammonites from Madagascar for clues to past and future climate change. August 9, 2019 On Exhibit posts Using Shark-Teeth Tools to Track Changes in Biodiversity Museum researchers looked to centuries-old weapons to understand how shark populations in the Pacific have changed over time. July 31, 2019 On Exhibit posts A Guide to Visualizing the Universe in the Hayden Planetarium The Hayden Planetarium’s instruments offer incredible views of stars, planets, and more. July 19, 2019 On Exhibit posts What Fossils Reveal About T. rex Hunting Habits Researchers look to bite and scratch marks on fossilized bones to find out how T. rex hunted. June 14, 2019 On Exhibit posts What Fossilized Scat Shows About T. rex Bite Contents found in coprolites reveal what T. rex ate and how it consumed its prey. June 14, 2019 On Exhibit posts Mega-Predator T. rex Had Super Senses Find out how heightened senses allowed T. rex to rise to the top of the food chain. April 18, 2019 On Exhibit posts How T. rex Lost Its Third Claw The Museum’s T. rex was once featured three claws on its forelimbs, but today it sports only two. April 4, 2019 On Exhibit posts How Do Scientists Study Young T. rex? Scientists look to growth rates and tyrannosaur relatives for clues about what Tyrannosaurus rex was like before it grew into a mega-predator. March 18, 2019 On Exhibit posts How Did T. rex Get So Big? Everyone knows Tyrannosaurus rex was huge. But what factors helped this tyrannosaur outpace others in size and strength? March 7, 2019
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