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News Posts The Scientific Legacy of the Apollo 11 Mission Learn how samples from NASA’s first successful manned mission to the Moon continue to shape our understanding of the universe. July 8, 2019 News Posts This Month at the Museum Don’t miss Manhattanhenge, SpaceFest, a new take on Moby-Dick, under the whale—all this month at the Museum. July 1, 2019 News Posts Spend your Fourth of July Weekend at the American Museum of Natural History What are you up to this holiday weekend? The Museum is open, with exhibitions, a giant-screen film, Space Show, and more. June 28, 2019 News Posts Glass Models of Microbes Reveal Invisible World To bring the wonders of microbial life to the public, a glassblower spent 40 years creating exquisite models for the Museum. June 4, 2019 News Posts 120-Year-Old Siberian Parka on Display in Grand Gallery A restored Siberian Yupik ceremonial gut parka from Jesup North Pacific Expedition goes on display in the Grand Gallery. May 29, 2019 News Posts Cerulean Warblers’ Spring Migration Includes Stopover in NYC New York City birders are on the lookout for Cerulean Warblers, tiny songbirds on their way to nesting grounds farther north. April 25, 2019 News Posts Overwintering in the Backyard Find out what our animal neighbors do during winter, and check out these same species in the giant-screen film Backyard Wilderness. February 11, 2019 News Posts Why Howe Quarry is Among North America's Most Important Fossil Sites The remote site in Wyoming yielded thousands of fossil finds in the 1930s, still being studied by Museum researchers today. January 30, 2019 News Posts Mammoth or Mastodon? From tusks to trunks, these extinct elephant relatives had a lot in common. Here's how to tell mammoths and mastodons apart. January 24, 2019 News Posts Digging for Dinosaurs in Wyoming In Wyoming, Museum researchers are excavating a fossil-rich late-Jurassic site January 23, 2019 News Posts A Cotton Coat Made by Japan's Ainu People Explore an example of traditional clothing from the Museum’s collection of textiles, made by indigenous people from Hokkaido, Japan. January 17, 2019 News Posts The Glowing Hawksbill Sea Turtle Find out what Museum researchers are learning about this endangered marine species. January 9, 2019
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