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Blog Post How Museum Scientists Help Urban Bees Stay Healthy Museum entomologists’ survey of bees on the High Line helps park gardeners preserve nesting spots and create new ones. Blog Post Exploring the Extinction of Megafauna What happened to the world’s largest—and strangest—animals? Blog Post November 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History It’s all about family time this month, including a festival for Day of the Dead and origami fun folding sessions. Blog Post Bees at the Museum The Museum’s renowned collection of bees and wasps is one of the most diverse in the world. Blog Post Christy Garland Wins 2018 Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Garland’s film tells the story of a young woman, Walaa, who dreams of joining the Palestinian Security Forces. Blog Post Meet the Mola: A Gentle Marine Giant Mola (ocean sunfish) are a genus of strange-looking fish found all over the world and includes the world’s heaviest bony fish. Blog Post Fish Collection Begins Its Move to Temporary Storage How do you move 2.8 million fishes? Museum collection heads to campus storage ahead of the construction of the Gilder Center. Blog Post Zapotec Urn Sheds Light on Ancient People of Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley A clay funerary urn offers clues to the ancient Zapotec people of Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley and other glimpses into early Mesoam... Blog Post What to See at the Museum This Weekend Butterflies return to the Museum to kick off the three-day weekend, and the Old New York diorama gets new interpretation. Blog Post Whether in the Library or the Lab, Museum Volunteers Are a Vital Ingredient Meet a few of the more than 1,000 volunteers who keep the Museum and its mission moving forward day after day. Blog Post Science Teachers and Ph.D. Graduates Receive Diplomas Under the Blue Whale The graduation ceremony held on October 1, 2018, honored the scientific contributions of Dr. Jane Lubchenco and celebrated 6... Blog Post October 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History It’s a big month at the Museum, with the return of SciCafe, live butterflies, the Margaret Mead Film Festival, and Halloween.
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