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News Posts Astronomer Jackie Faherty Awarded NSF CAREER Grant Faherty will work to develop the most complete map ever generated of our solar neighborhood. February 9, 2023 News Posts Meteor Shower Might “Surprise” Stargazers on May 31 Disintegrating comet may offer a once-in-a-lifetime sky show this Tuesday. May 26, 2022 News Posts Museum and Colombia’s Humboldt Institute To Collaborate on Conservation Satellite-based biodiversity monitoring system, supported by NASA grant, will help Colombia achieve biodiversity targets. April 1, 2022 News Posts Museum Astrophysicist Named American Astronomical Society Fellow Jackie Faherty’s selection highlights outstanding research on brown dwarfs and exoplanets, public outreach, and service as mentor. January 13, 2022 News Posts Museum Astronomer Jackie Faherty Receives Vera Rubin Prize Prestigious award recognizes Faherty’s broad-reaching research efforts and effective public outreach about space science. October 16, 2020 News Posts NSF Funds Museum Research on Bats, Brown Dwarfs, and DNA Techniques Multi-year grants awarded to Museum scientists to conduct research in wide-ranging areas. October 1, 2020 News Posts Museum Scientist Awarded Major Dragonfly Research Grant Assistant Curator Jessica Ware is part of a project with four other institutions to study the long evolution of dragonflies. August 3, 2020 News Posts Don’t Miss April’s Super Pink Moon On April 7, 2020, take a look at the sky for the biggest, brightest Moon of 2020, dubbed the “Super Pink Moon.” April 7, 2020 News Posts Midwinter Recess at the Museum Explore tropical butterflies, the solar system, and tyrannosaurs this February break. February 13, 2020 News Posts New Exhibits Bring Aquatic Worlds to Discovery Room Visitors can explore the ecology of coral reefs and the marine inhabitants of New York’s East River. February 6, 2020 News Posts The Colorful Ruby-throated Hummingbird These pollinators use their green feathers for one purpose, and bright red feathers for another. February 4, 2020 News Posts Great Canoe Relocates to Northwest Coast Hall Iconic Museum exhibit was moved from Grand Gallery to the Northwest Coast Hall as part of a major restoration project. January 31, 2020
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