Q&A: Museum Interviews

Q&As Q&A: How Do the Same Genes Make Different Humans? Geneticist Tuuli Lappalainen of the New York Genome Center explains how genes are regulated in the genome, and what that process... June 2, 2015 Q&As Neil deGrasse Tyson Receives NAS Public Welfare Medal National Academy of Sciences has awarded its highest honor to the director of the Museum’s Hayden Planetarium. April 30, 2015 Q&As Turning Toxins Into Medicine: Q&A With Mandë Holford Lethal venom from predatory cone snails may be a stepping stone for next-generation medical therapies. April 30, 2015 Q&As Curator Michael Shara On 25 Years of Hubble A Museum curator looks back on his work with the Hubble Space Telescope 25 years after the launch of the iconic instrument. April 24, 2015 Q&As Q&A: Curator Nancy Simmons on Her New Bat Book Curator Nancy Simmons talks about how technology is improving fieldwork, the process of writing her new book, and some of her favorite... March 9, 2015 Q&As Q&A: Mapping the Urban Microbiome What does the genetic fingerprint of New York City look like? Microbiome researcher Chris Mason, who recently gave a talk at SciCafe,... March 5, 2015 Q&As SciCafe Goes to Papua New Guinea At the March SciCafe, Museum researchers will recount their time in a remote area of Papua New Guinea. Here, ornithologist Paul Sweet... February 27, 2015 Q&As Geneticist Rob DeSalle on the Biology of Race Museum Curator Rob DeSalle, an evolutionary geneticist who is co-author of Race? Debunking a Scientific Myth, recently answered a... May 29, 2014 Q&As The Making of Natural Histories: A Q&A with Tom Baione The natural history illustrations featured in this collection retain the power to surprise. March 25, 2014 Q&As Joe Rao on Comet ISON and Weather Forecasting We spoke with Rao about Comet ISON and his career in meteorology. November 20, 2013 Q&As The Dose Makes the Poison: A Q&A with Robert Hoffman, MD NYU medical toxicologist Robert Hoffman, MD you may help you see your daily routine—coffee in the morning, wine in the evening—in... October 30, 2013 Q&As Digital Universe: The Data Behind the Dazzle Each of the approximately 4000 bright specks projected onto the Dome to visualize the night sky is backed by hard data. October 9, 2013
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