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Blog Post Museum Scientists' Favorite National Parks We canvassed curators and collections managers from around the Museum for their favorite national parks. Here are their trave... Blog Post Field Journal: Tracking and Trapping a Bear It took quite some time and a lot of patience, but we’ve trapped a bear! Here's what happens now. Blog Post Field Journal: How to Collar A Bear To understand how bears and humans live together, we have to first learn where the bears are, says Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant. Blog Post Field Journal: Living Alongside Bears Center for Biodiversity and Conservation researcher Rae Wynn-Grant tracks bears in the American West, hoping to prevent them... Blog Post Analyzing Leech Meals to Track Cambodian Mammals During an expedition to Cambodia, Museum researchers experimented with a new method of tracking endangered animals by analyzi... Blog Post Field Journal: Finding Ghosts The team encounters one of the most poorly known birds in the world—an elusive kingfisher previously glimpsed just once in th...   Field Journal: The Sound of Dawn in Guadalcanal Dawn is a magical time, especially for those interested in birds, whose choruses of sound at first light in tropical forests...   Field Journal: Chupukama Camp Emerges Chupukama Camp will be our base and the expedition's "city center" for the next week of surveys, exploration, and d...   Field Journal: Dawn on a Sky Island The cultural and scientific significance of the area we are surveying on this expedition are closely intertwined.   Field Journal: Arrival in the Solomon Islands We're arriving in the Solomon Islands, where every shift in the light and wind could reveal some of the least studied bird sp... Blog Post Field Journal: The Link Between Conservation and Nutrition This summer, Georgina Cullman from the Museum’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation worked in the Solomon Islands on a p...   Field Journal: The Business End Of A DNA Database Researchers are building a new DNA database on a foundation of primate poop.
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