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Exhibits What Did a Baby T. rex Look Like? Did you know T. rex hatchlings were most likely covered in fluff? Learn more about the life history of the ultimate predator. Exhibits Behind the Updates to Old New York Diorama New interpretation of a 1930s diorama adds context and highlights misrepresentations, adding a modern cultural perspective. Humans Human Population Through Time 200,000 years of human population data. Space Hubble Space Telescope: 25 Years and Counting A landmark anniversary for a powerful telescope. Space How do we know an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago? Astrophysicist Jackie Faherty explains how physics and geology solved a paleontological mystery. Dinosaurs and Fossils Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs? An extinction mystery explained by paleontologist Aki Watanabe. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Teaming Up with Robots with Julie Shah How will the next generation of robots be better equipped to work side by side with humans? Humans Urban Sprawl: Phoenix Its metropolitan area has grown more than 300 percent in recent decades. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: End of the Megafauna with Ross MacPhee How do scientists explain the mass extinctions of the strange, large animals that once roamed the Earth? Earth and Climate Derecho New insights into a rare, destructive wind storm. Earth and Climate Archived in Ice: Rescuing the Climate Record Glaciologists are racing to core the largest tropical ice cap before it melts. Earth and Climate Moving Mountains A new hypothesis of mountain growth challenges plate tectonics.
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