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Space Rosetta Comet Mission in 360 Explore comet 67P, the target of the Rosetta Mission, in 360 degrees. Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate 2020 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate | Alien Life In the 2020 installment of the popular Isaac Asimov Debate series, Neil deGrasse Tyson and panelists discuss alien life. Humans COVID-19: Origins, Spread, and Impacts How does a virus that may have originated in bats jump to humans? How do we model the spread of infection? Space Field Trip: Venus, Earth, Mars Hop aboard a flight to unveil the mysteries of Earth’s toxic twin, Venus, and the dynamic nature of our planetary neighbors. Space Field Trip: Earth Take a flight around the world to marvel at our planet’s natural wonders—from the Amazon rainforest to the Sahara Desert. Space Field Trip: The Known Universe Travel through the Milky Way galaxy and beyond! In the Field Diving for 500-Year-Old Corals in Tobago Join a Museum oceanographer on an expedition to Tobago as the team dives for coral samples. Earth and Climate Earth Day 1970 - 2018: Sea Changes See what’s changed for our oceans since 1970, and how you can take action. Earth and Climate Earth Day 1970 - 2020: 50th Anniversary || Time Will Tell The first Earth Day was in 1970. A lot has changed since, and the future depends on the choices we make today. Exhibits Northwest Coast Basketry – Woven Traditions Discover how a Suquamish master basket weaver is helping conservators care for the Northwest Coast collection. Space Stories in the Sky: A History of Planetariums From astronomical clocks to amazing feats of data visualization. In the Field Exploring Greenland's Icy Waters Scientists search for biofluorescent fish in an unlikely place.
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