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A unique collection of articles, videos, news, and more from the Museum about featured scientific topics.

Science Topics offer access to the Museum’s ongoing work in scientific research, exhibition, and education, with collections of unique digital resources on featured scientific topics that reflect the breadth and depth of the Museum’s mission.  With a rotating slate of frequently updated content on everything from conservation to astrophysics, Science Topics reveal the wonders of the natural world and bring the excitement of Museum science and scientists to audiences around the globe.   

Educator Materials Bioluminescence Welcome to the world of bioluminescence: the generation of light by living things. From flickering fireflies in Northeastern backyards... Article Climate Change Earth’s climate is naturally dynamic, but human activity is affecting it, evident from abundant data collected over time. Educator Materials Cosmology Looking for the big picture? It doesn’t get any bigger than cosmology: the science of how the universe began and developed. Educator Materials Darwin This 19th-century naturalist’s curiosity led him to a new understanding of the world around us. Article Dinosaur Discoveries Get the latest news on everything from dinosaur feathers, to extinction, to how modern bird brains are shedding light on ancient... Article Disease and Eradication A collection of articles, videos, news, and more about infectious diseases and worldwide efforts to eradicate them. Article Food As shoppers and as eaters, we play a critical role in shaping what ends up on our plate and why. Article Health and Our Microbiome Humans are just a speck in a massively bacterial world. Microbes make up 70 to 90 percent of all cells in our bodies. Article Human Origins Groundbreaking research underway at the Museum and around the world is tackling questions about what it means to be human. Article Moths and Butterflies Draw a butterfly. Build a butterfly. Learn about butterfly evolution, migration, and conservation. Article Nature as Innovator Inspired by Earth’s biodiversity, scientists today are developing fascinating new technologies to solve tough problems. Article Near-Earth Asteroids These rocky objects orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, but some come much closer to our planet. Article The Pluto Question Far from the Sun, and smaller than Earth's Moon, Pluto remains one of the more mysterious bodies in the solar system. Article Vietnam: Biological and Cultural Diversity From its tropical forests to its mountains and coral reefs, Vietnam is home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals. Article Volcanoes How does heat escape from the churning engine that keeps our planet running? Through volcanoes. Article Whales The awe-inspiring animals have long played a vital role in the lives of coastal peoples around the world. Educator Materials Water and Life on Earth Water makes life as we know it possible. By using water more wisely, we can make sure there's enough to share with all living things.

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