Open your eyes to a world of color

Our world is awash in color, making it feel vibrant and alive. Color is much more than decoration: It has shaped the evolution of organisms all across the planet. It plays a big role in how we feel and communicate. And it contains vast amounts of information, helping us make sense of the world. Visit the immersive and interactive exhibition The Nature of Color, to explore the rainbow.

Special Exhibition The Nature of Color Explore what color tells us about the natural world–and ourselves. March 9, 2020 — December 5, 2021 Hands-on Microbes Coloring Book & Scavenger Hunt What is a microbe? Learn all about bacteria, viruses, and protists as you color them in. And try to find the hidden microbes! Game Optical Illusions and How They Work What you see and what you think you see are different things. Find out what your brain doing behind-the-scenes! Video Warning Colors in the Animal Kingdom Bright colors help protect species from predators. Hands-on North American Mammals Coloring Book Find out how six species of mammals survive in their habitats. And bring them to life in this coloring book! Hands-on Make Your Own Creatures of Light Ever wonder why some organisms flash, blink, or glow? Discover how by making your own land and ocean creatures that generate light. Blog Post Researchers Reveal Covert World of Fish Biofluorescence A team of researchers led by Museum scientists has identified more than 180 species that glow. January 8, 2014 Game Dress Up a T. rex What skin color, eye color, and type of feathers will you give this T. rex? Educator Materials Lizards & Snakes: Alive! Coloring Book How does a Veiled Chameleon's body resemble its environment? What colors are a Burmese Python's spots? Use what you know about squamates... Hands-on Draw a Monarch You don't have to be a terrific artist to create a scientific illustration of a monarch butterfly—just willing to take your time... Hands-on Drawing Dinos Ever wonder how scientists can look at a bunch of bones and draw what a dinosaur looked like? Learn their five-step trick. Then,... Video Our Senses: How Mammals See the World In Many Colors Humans see more colors than most mammals. Hands-on Crazy Camouflage Some animals can instantly change the color or pattern of their skin. Create a flounder fish that's hard to spot! Story All About Jade Jade has been used by people around the world for thousands of years—first to make tools, later to create precious works of art.... Article A Behavioral Test to Examine the Evolution of Color Vision in Vertebrates Did you know birds have better color vision than humans? But what about sheep? This young naturalist used a behavioral assay to compare...