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Article Making Rocks Some volcanoes slowly ooze magma while others explode with immense power. Yet all volcanic eruptions begin in the magma chamb... Interactive Interactive: Different Magmas, Different Volcanoes Volcanoes look different from each other depending on the magma that erupts from them. Interactive Find a Vent Climb aboard this virtual expedition along an unknown stretch of the Pacific Ocean's Juan de Fuca Ridge to see if you can fin... Exhibit Volcanoes Under the Sea The longest volcano chain in the world is the 80,000-kilometer-long mid-ocean ridge system, where new ocean crust is formed a... Video Yellowstone: Monitoring the Fire Below Geologists monitor Yellowstone National Park's volcanic system. Article Article: Signs of Restlessness The magma chamber responsible for Yellowstone's volcanic activity is buried 8km beneath the surface. Find out how researchers... Exhibit Volcanic Environment When molten, silicate-rich fluids erupt onto the Earth’s surface, minerals often form in the numerous pockets and holes that... Educator Materials Mapping Mt. Rainier Beneath the glacier-clad summit of Mt. Rainier lies an active volcano, which has more than once produced enough molten rock t... Article Plates on the Move A volcanic eruption that could be felt across an ocean, an earthquake that sparked landslides, massive tsunamis, and a volcan... Exhibit Volcanism Volcanoes provide an efficient way for solid planets and moons to shed their internal heat. Article Article: Follow the Magma In 1669, the fastest and largest lava flow documented for Mount Etna on the island of Sicily killed most of Catania's 20,000... Article Volcanoes: Magma Rising What causes volcanoes to erupt? How do scientists study them? Let’s explore one of the most powerful, destructive volcanic er... Article Volcanoes Some volcanoes explode with the force of an atomic bomb. Others spill rivers of gently flowing lava. Article My Expedition to the Lava River Cave To gain a better understanding of volcanoes, this eighth-grader from Arizona decided to go spelunking. Take her tour of the L... Video Monitoring Mount Etna: Magma on the Move Volcanologists keep wary watch on Sicily's restless peak. Blog Post Recipes for Eruption Museum researchers use different combinations of heat, pressure, and rocks to uncover the science behind volcanic eruptions. April 21, 2015 Blog Post Expedition to a Modern Pompeii The upcoming exhibition Nature’s Fury features chilling artifacts from a volcanic eruption that destroyed a bustling Caribbea... November 6, 2014