Climate Change Resources

The Museum is a leader in the public understanding of science through exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives.

Climate change is among the topics on which the Museum has developed and presented a range of programs, resources, and events. These include:

Exhibitions at the Museum

Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth (permanent exhibition with a section on climate change)

Milstein Hall of Ocean Life (permanent exhibition with content about climate change)

Hall of Biodiversity (permanent exhibition with content about climate change) 

Nature's Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters (2014) 

Climate Change: The Threat to Life and a New Energy Future (2008)


Our Earth’s Future (online course)


HBO and the Museum Present Saving My Tomorrow (2014-2015)

Programs and Events



Teen SciCafe: Our Melting Planet

Teen SciCafe: Microfossils and Big Clues to Reconstructing the Past


SciCafe: Cool Solutions for Hot Cities

SciCafe: The Imminent Extinction of the Avocado

SciCafe: The Wisdom of the Forest

2021: Climate Week NYC:

  • Climate Change, Shifting Cultures
  • Climate Trivia
  • Omega3! A Climate Change Musical Adventure
  • Tracking Wildfires from Space

 SciCafe: Humans, Cultures, and Climate Change 

2020: Climate Change and Climate Goals: The Paris Agreement Today

EarthFest 2020 

Climate Week NYC:

2019: EarthFest

New Science, New Solutions: Leadership, Economics, and Governance Under Climate Change

SciCafe: A Bright Future for Our Oceans? with Jeremy Jackson

Conservation and Resilience: What Climate Change is Teaching Us

2018: EarthFest

2017: The Sixth Extinction: Biodiversity Under Threat

2014: SciCafe: Islands at the Edge: Climate Change, Globalization, and Island Culture

Additional Resources

What You Can Do

Science Topic

Climate Change

OLogy: The Website for Kids

Climate Change module

Professional Development

Seminars on Science: Climate Change course

Videos and Visualizations

Earth Day 2023: Tipping Points (2023)

Earth Day 1970-2022: What's Changed (2022)

Earth Day 2021: Road to Recovery (2021)

Earth Day 1970-2020: 50th Anniversary: Time Will Tell (2020)

Earth Day 1970-2019: No Time to Waste (2019)

Earth Day 1970-2018: Sea Changes (2018)

Earth Day 1970-2017: What’s Changed (2017)

Climate Change in the Marshall Islands (2017)

Keeling's Curve: The Story of CO2 (2014)

Warm Forecast for Coral Reefs (2014)

Greening of the Arctic (2013)

Declining Sea Ice Affects Caribou (2013)

Protecting Wildlife in a Changing Climate (2012)

Shrinking Glaciers: A Chronology of Climate Change (2012)

Weather and Climate Events—Tropical Cyclone Sandy (2012)

GRACE: Tracking Water from Space (2009)

Science Research, Projects, and Symposia

Rethinking Home: Climate Change in New York and Samoa (2014)

New Model Predicts Greener Arctic in Coming Decades (2013)

Polar Bear Diet Changes as Sea Ice Melts (2014)

Polar Bears Can't Eat Geese Into Extinction (2010)

Goose Eggs May Help Polar Bears Weather Climate Change (2008)

Climate Change Hastens Extinction As Malagasy Reptiles And Amphibians Move Uphill (2008)