What You Can Do

It is not too late to slow, halt, and even reverse many trends in the decline of biodiversity.  

Everyone has a role to play in meeting the challenges of the world's most pressing environmental problems, including climate change, land degradation, and loss of biodiversity. Even our everyday choices and purchases—things we might not give a second thought to—affect the environment and biodiversity. For example, the production and transport involved in a cup of coffee impacts myriad species, from invertebrates to birds to fish. At the CBC, we like to use a systems thinking lens to engage with this complexity — by zooming out and broadening your perspective, you'll quickly notice the interconnectedness of many of these pressing issues facing our planet. 

While there are many steps you can take as a consumer to live more sustainably, your engagement as a citizen is equally as important. Contact your local officials and government representatives about issues that are important to you. If possible, volunteer your time with local environmental groups.

It’s not necessary to turn your life upside down to make a difference. If we all commit to just one or two lifestyle choices that are more sustainable, over time this will have a cumulative and positive impact on the Earth. The time to act is now. Not next year... this week! 

Simple tips and resources to live a more sustainable lifestyle:




Getting Around


Waste Reduction