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Tips for everyday choices you can do to protect biodiversity and live a more sustainable life.

Article What You Can Do Tips for sustainable everyday choices you can make to help protect the environment. Article Green Your Holidays Tips for more sustainable holiday activities, which are often less stressful as well! Research Guidelines for the Ecotraveler By: Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, Discovery Tours — Information on biodiversity and conservation for anyone concerned... Research Healthy Eating For You and the Planet: Avoiding Pesticides in Produce By: Jimin Lee & Jennifer Stenzel — This guide lists the fruits and vegetables that are typically most likely to have higher pesticide... Research Healthy Eating for You and the Planet: Select Seasonally By: Jimin Lee & Jennifer Stenzel — This wallet card contains information on seasonal foods of the Northeastern United States. Educator Materials Learn More About Biodiversity Here are some resources for more in-depth reading about what biodiversity is, why it is important, and threats to biodiversity. Educator Materials Living with Biodiversity Series By: Center for Biodiversity and Conservation — A series of pamphlets published in conjunction with the CBC's fall 1998 public presentations... Research Living With Nature: Cooking for Biodiversity By: Jennifer Stenzel, Melina F. Laverty, and Eleanor J. Sterling — This recipe booklet is our ode to a diet that's flavorful, seasonally... Research Protecting Nature In Your Community By: Elizabeth A. Johnson & Timon McPhearson — This colorful booklet highlights the importance of nature in New Jersey and provides...