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SCCS-NY 2020 Plenary Speakers 

Headshot of SCCSNY plenarist Kevin Olival

Dr. Kevin J. Olival is Vice President for Research at EcoHealth Alliance, a New York based organization committed to both wildlife conservation and pandemic prevention. His research over the last 17 years has focused on understanding the drivers of zoonotic disease emergence and viral diversity in wildlife using a One Health approach, with a focus on bats and bat-borne pathogens. Dr. Olival has been at the forefront of disease ecology research on Coronaviruses in Southeast Asia, China, and Western Asia/Middle East; Nipah virus in Bangladesh and Malaysia; and Filoviruses in Asia. Dr. Olival was one of the lead scientists on the 30-country USAID PREDICT project helping to oversee modeling and data analysis for disease forecasting and to prioritize surveillance for emerging viral zoonoses. Dr. Olival graduated with distinction from Columbia University in 2008 with a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a M.A. in Conservation Biology. Dr. Olival has a passion for turning rigorous science into effective public policy, and aims to keep this as a central goal of his career path.


Headshot of SCCSNY 2020 plenarist Dan Canham

Dan Canham is a leadership development expert with over 20 years of experience in technical training for leaders.  He has spent the last 8 years working across the global conservation community with federal and state agencies, non-governmental, and international organizations, helping build the collective leadership capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations to take on the most difficult challenges the conservation community faces. Using the classroom as a real-time laboratory, Dan helps students to better understand themselves and how they relate to others, take greater risks, be vulnerable, present, and to be more emotionally intelligent in the service of leading change. Dan has fully integrated the concept of Vertical Development in his courses, whereby participants not only add new knowledge, but expand their vision to see challenges differently, and to use the knowledge they have in new and exciting ways.  Dan holds a Master’s degree in Management from New England College, a certificate in the Art and Practice of Leadership from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and he is certified in Organizational Consultation and Change Leadership from Georgetown University. The uniqueness of the leadership programs Dan has developed has been recognized globally as impactful and transformative.