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Lessons in Conservation

Lessons in Conservation is the official journal of the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners (NCEP). Published electronically as volumes become available, Lessons in Conservation is designed to introduce NCEP teaching and learning resources (or "modules") to a broad audience, covering a variety of conservation topics which target undergraduate and professional level education.

All of NCEP's teaching and learning modules, including those presented here in Lessons in Conservation, are peer-reviewed and are available in modifiable form for teachers through NCEP's Module Collection.

  Lessons in Conservation: Volume IX The latest volume of Lessons in Conservation highlights a collection of four case studies and exercises developed by NCEP Conservation...   Lessons in Conservation: Volume VIII Volume VIII of Lessons in Conservation features a suite of materials designed specifically to promote and evaluate the development...   Lessons in Conservation: Volume VII Volume VII of Lessons in Conservation examines the varying roles that stakeholders play in shaping their environment.   Lessons in Conservation: Volume VI Volume VI showcases conservation challenges and solutions in Madagascar, and includes materials in French developed with our partners,...   Lessons in Conservation: Volume V Volume V of Lessons in Conservation explores one of the most fundamental topics in conservation and human well-being: water.   Lessons in Conservation: Volume IV This fourth volume of Lessons in Conservation features five case studies (four in Spanish) on conservation challenges and solutions...   Lessons in Conservation: Volume III This volume of Lessons in Conservation presents a selection of more advanced topics in biodiversity conservation, including ecological...   Lessons in Conservation: Volume II Topics in this second volume of Lessons in Conservation center around adaptive management, protected areas, and reserve design, with...   Lessons in Conservation: Volume I Topics in this first volume of Lessons in Conservation range from marine conservation biology to ecosystem loss and fragmentation...