Convening and Connecting


The CBC convenes diverse actors for strategic collaborations and collective problem-solving in workshops, studios, conferences and symposiums that connect different perspectives and sources of knowledge to critical conservation issues and solutions.

Conference Student Conference on Conservation Science-New York The 15th annual SCCS-NY will be held October 9-11, 2024. Educator Professional Learning Conservation Teaching and Learning Studios Learn about our professional development opportunities for conservation educators and practitioners. Lectures and Talks Mack Lipkin Man and Nature Series This series brings together leading conservation professionals for panel discussions on conservation action. Lectures and Talks Questions for a Resilient Future Series Diverse perspectives on humanity’s relationship with the world, shared by leading thinkers in the field of conservation. Research Biocultural Convenings Facilitation of collaboration and exchange between biocultural stewards, to centralize resources to foster collective efforts. Research NY-SDM The New York Regional Species Distribution Modeling Discussion Group (NY-SDM) convenes leading researchers from across the New York...   Collaborative Networks Collaborations that generate knowledge and increase our understanding of conservation challenges and areas for action.   2015 GBIF Frontiers of Biodiversity Informatics and Modelling Species Distributions Special symposium on biodiversity informatics and species distribution modeling, organized in partnership with GBIF.   2013 Milstein Science Symposium The symposium brought together diverse stakeholders to present and analyze real-world resilience case studies.   2009 Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Health and the Environment Symposium spanning the natural, medical, and social sciences, looking at complex linkages between health and the environment.   2008 Sustaining Cultural and Biological Diversity in a Rapidly Changing World: Lessons for Global Policy The symposium brought together diverse stakeholders to address challenges for sustaining biological and cultural diversity.   1997-2007 Archive Get a synopsis or PDF download of events and symposia that occurred from 1997–2007.