From the Field

CBC scientists share their experiences from the field in the Museum blog:

An image of a black bear, caught with a night vision camera

Human Impacts on Blackbear Ecology in Nevada

Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant, Postdoctoral Fellow at the CBC, tracks bears in the American West, hoping to prevent them from coming into contact with human populations.

A table with a buffet of food

The Link Between Conservation and Nutrition

Dr. Georgina Cullman, Postdoctoral Fellow at the CBC, worked in the Solomon Islands on a project that looks at food security, nutrition, and how local communities produce and consume their food.

A slow loris among looks down from a tree

Primates in Vietnam 

Dr. Mary Blair, Assistant Director for research and strategic planning at the CBC, is blogging from the field during her expeditions to Vietnam.

Two flamingos drinking

Flamingos in the Americas 

Dr. Felicity Arengo, Associate Director of the CBC, blogged while conducting a census of flamingo populations in remote regions of South America.

A helicopter lands among the tress in the jungle

Solomon Islands 

Dr. Chris Filardi, Director of Pacific Programs at the CBC, blogged from the remote highlands of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, where he surveyed endemic biodiversity and worked with local partners to create a protected area.

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