Lessons in Conservation: Volume 11

January 2021 - Systems Thinking Issue
Bright red radishes with green leaves comprise the cover page of this volume of LinC

Volume 11 features a suite of materials designed to foster systems thinking in students. These resources provide a valuable introduction to systems thinking, both as a way of seeing the world, and a specific set of tools, with illustrative examples. Through exercises, the materials in this issue also promote engagement with the complexity of biodiversity conservation problems, as students are asked to apply different systems thinking tools, both qualitative and quantitative, to understand the connections between our food systems and biodiversity. 

Lessons in Conservation is the official journal of the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners (NCEP) and is currently available in electronic format. All materials in Lessons in Conservation are peer-reviewed and are reproduced from NCEP teaching modules. If you plan to use these materials in your teaching, you may wish to download easily modifiable Word versions of the materials found in Lessons in Conservation, along with additional teaching and learning modules, from the NCEP module collection.  

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