Lessons in Conservation: Volume 10

The cover of LinC 10 issue showing a diver sampling corals

Technologies are changing the way conservation is practiced—and students should be familiar with technologies—not only how to use them, but also whetherwhen, and where to use them, and how to manage the massive amounts of data they produce. The "Conservation and Technology" issue of Lessons in Conservation, Volume 10 features exercises that familiarize students with these challenges. In addition to manipulating and analyzing real data, the exercises allow students to reflect and think critically about the remarkable potential and realistic limitations of these technologies.  

Lessons in Conservation is the official journal of the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners (NCEP) and is currently available in electronic format. All materials in Lessons in Conservation are peer-reviewed and are reproduced from NCEP teaching modules. If you plan to use these materials in your teaching, you may wish to download easily modifiable Word versions of the materials found in Lessons in Conservation, along with additional teaching and learning modules, from the NCEP module collection.  

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