2018 Mack Lipkin Man and Nature Series Panel Discussion

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Conservation and Resilience: What Climate Change is Teaching Us

SCCS­‐NY 2018 featured the Mack Lipkin Man and Nature Series Panel Discussion as a special public program on the evening of Thursday, October 25. The focus of the discussion was "Conservation and Resilience: What Climate Change is Teaching Us", and panelists explored how climate change affects the places where we live and work and how we are thinking about energy, our built environment, and conservation of nature in the face of changing landscapes, as well as some of the innovations that are making a difference.


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Arturo A. Massol-Deyá

Professor, Department of Biology at the University of Puerto Rico; Associate Director, Casa Pueblo

Arturo Massol-Deyá is a biologist and community organizer in Puerto Rico. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017, he worked together with the community-based organization Casa Pueblo to lead a local response to provide energy and equipment to those in need, and change the island's energy policies from fossil-fuel dependence towards renewable energy sources. 

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Erika Svendsen

Research Social Scientist, U.S. Forest Service

Erika Svendsen is a leader in the field of environmental stewardship as it relates to community development, governance, and human well-being. She is the co-Director of the New York City urban field station, a special partnership between the Forest Service, NYC Parks, and several NGOs and academic institutions aimed to join research and practice to improve the quality of life in urbanizing areas. 

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Jennifer Bolstad

Landscape Architect, Educator, and Community Organizer, Co-Founder Local Office

Jennifer Bolstad is a landscape architect, an educator, and a community organizer for social and environmental justice. Her ecology-driven design works stars with modeling vulnerabilities, such as storm surge, and exploring infrastructural solutions. 

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Walter Meyer

Urban Designer, Co-Founder Local Office

Walter Meyer is an urban designer who uses ecosystem services to create resilient hydrology and energy systems, especially in vulnerable coastal communities. In 2013 he was recognized by the White House as a "Champion of Change" for his work with alternate energy in the recovery after Superstorm Sandy.  

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Moderated by Ana Luz Porzecanski

Director, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History

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The Mack Lipkin Man and Nature Series was established in honor of Dr. Mack Lipkin, Sr., by his many friends and admirers. Dr. Lipkin was a physician who was a gentle and powerful force in advancing the most humane and caring practices of medicine. The 2018 panel is presented in collaboration with the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy.

This event free public event was organized as a part of the Student Conference on Conservation Science-New York (SCCS-NY).