What We Do

The CBC integrates the Museum's science, collections, and technology into a broad range of programs in the U.S. and around the world. We work on the local, regional, and international level to connect diverse perspectives and sources of knowledge to real-world conservation problems and solutions. Our work encompasses:

Applied Research and Conservation Action

  • We incorporate social, biological, and information sciences, as well as diverse local experiences and knowledge, to understand the causes of biodiversity change and loss, and the conditions that promote resilience at multiple scales. 
  • We support engagement that leads to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity.                              

Developing Capacity for Conservation

  • We strengthen the ability of community leaders, educators, managers and other conservation professionals to meet conservation challenges.
  • We develop free, open source, and locally relevant resources to support conservation professionals.
  • We foster diversity and leadership in emerging generations of conservation scientists and practitioners.

Convening and Connecting

  • We cultivate partnerships and strategic collaborations that bridge disciplines and address critical conservation questions.
  • We provide a venue for individuals and groups to share different perspectives and engage in collective conservation problem-solving.
Graphic of CBC's impact