SCCS-NY 2022

Thirteenth annual conference - October 3–7, 2022

The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and its partners invited students, postdocs, and early-career professionals to take part in the 12th annual Student Conference on Conservation Science – New York (SCCS-NY), which was an entirely virtual meeting.

As a part of the only international series of conservation conferences featuring students, SCCS-NY provides opportunities for emerging scientists to professionally network, gain experience, and present and get feedback on their work. Interactions with peers as well as leaders in science, policy, and management will encourage collaborations, inspire further research, and create lasting professional connections.

Conference Program

2022 Plenaries

Beyond climate despair: Navigating an age of crisis and engaging for change

Plenarist: Dr. Jennifer Atkinson, University of Washington

The age of climate consequences is upon us, and anxiety and despair are on the rise. After decades of focusing primarily on the external environmental impacts, the climate movement is beginning to take emotions seriously. Educators, activists and mental health professionals increasingly acknowledge that in facing the challenges ahead, we will need more than new policies and technology: we will also need the internal resources to build resilience for a climate-changed future. This talk will offer strategies for navigating the emotional fallout of our warming world – fear, anger, hopelessness and grief – and channel those emotions into creating a more just a sustainable future.

Inspiring careers in conservation: SCCS-NY alumni share their journeys in the conservation field

Panelists: SCCS alumni Dr. Abe Borker, Dr. Clare Gupta, and Dr. Suzanne Pierre

SCCS participants from previous years will share their journeys in the conservation field. The panelists, moderated by CBC Biodiversity Informatics Director Dr. Mary Blair, will discuss their career paths, how SCCS influenced their careers, and share challenges and advice.