2009 Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Health and the Environment

The health of all species on Earth is largely determined by the complex linkages and interactions among organisms and the systems in which they live.  Health and the environment are deeply intertwined for populations, species, and ecosystems, as well as for human lives and livelihoods.  Human endeavors in agriculture, energy and food production, transportation, and infrastructure development can have far-reaching and significant impact on the health of humans and the environment.  Understanding these relationships is increasingly critical in the context of our changing world and the accelerating loss of biodiversity.

The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Milstein Science Symposium Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Health and the Environment presented a diversity of viewpoints and experiences, spanning the natural, medical, and social sciences, as well as policy planning.  Presenters discussed knowledge/data gaps and the limitations of current approaches and examined innovative methods that move beyond speculation to a grounded understanding of impacts and realistic solutions.

This symposium was proudly sponsored by the Paul and Irma Milstein Family.  Additional support was provided by a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States Department of Defense, the Karen Katen Foundation and the Mack Lipkin Man and Nature Series. 

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