Department of Herpetology

The American Museum of Natural History's herpetological collections rank among the world's five largest.

Herpetology collections include specimens from William Beebe, A.P. Blair, Edward Drinker Cope, Roger Conant, E.R. Dunn, Richard Etheridge, Richard Highton, Karl Kauffeld, Ernie Liner, Carl Sofus Lumholtz, Sherman Minton, Wilfred T. Neill, Craig E. Nelson, James A. Organ, Albert Schwartz, Clifford H. Pope, Frederick A. Ulmer, Jr., and Prince Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied. Some material previously at Archbold Biological Station, Brooklyn Museum, Columbia University, Lehigh University, New York Zoological Society, Newark Museum, Philadelphia Academy of Sciences, Rutgers University, Texas A&I University, Toledo Zoological Society, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute are currently cataloged at the Museum.