Herpetology Collections Database

The public interface to the collections database limits results to 2000 records. Queries returning a large number of records may be time-consuming.

For searches of basic catalog data (genus, species, country, state, collector, catalog number, and prep type, e.g. "Tissue"), the public web interface will retrieve data including identification, locality down to the level of county or equivalent (but not specific locality, elevation, lat/long), and prep type(s). The interface is unforgiving of things like misspellings, synonyms, etc. (we use “United States” not “USA”, “berlandieri” not “berlandierii”). Some wildcards will work (“berlandier*” will retrieve both “berlandieri” and “berlandierii”) but the query will be slower.

Some material may be found under outdated synonyms. Primary types (holotype, syntypes, etc.) are listed under the combination as originally published.

The Herpetology Department does not publicly release specific locality. To obtain additional specimen data, or more than 2000 records, see Requesting Data.

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